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Mulligans in Jensen Beach Fl.

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Breakfast is always a big deal for me.  I love eating out for breakfast, so my search for a good breakfast spot is never ending.

Mulligans is a neighborhood restaurant/bar on the corner of Jensen Beach blvd, in a cool little beach town on the east coast. Mulligans boasts open outdoor seating and a tiki style bar with endless drink specials.

On Friday this past week, my wife and I decided to search out breakfast in our little town. Our usual spot closed down due to a lease problem so we needed to find a new favorite.  Mulligans posts a sign each day welcoming patrons to breakfast at the very low price of $1.99. The Regular Guy just has to try this special.

Our waitress greets us with coffee and tea and offers up her special of two scrambled eggs, home fries and toast all for a buck ninety nine. I ask if the eggs have to be scrambled and she replies that for $1.00 more I can have fresh eggs any style. I do not like frozen liquid eggs especially for breakfast. Believe me people, you do not want to see how those eggs are handled and kept from day to day.  Any way we both opt for the eggs over medium in place of scrambled.

Two things are a must for a great breakfast place.  A waitress who knows when you need more coffee and terrific home fries. Lets face it, anyone can make eggs if they can cook, but really, really great home fries are few and far between.  Home fried potatoes should never be from last nights baked leftovers. Nor should they be fried wedges of last nights baked leftovers. Home fried potatoes must have at least onions and a good seasoning blend. It’s really not rocket science, but it just takes some effort to put out a good home fried potato. After all it is half of what makes up your breakfast plate.

Mulligans needs to look at the way they do breakfast. I really don’t expect too much for $1.99 but two eggs, a few potatoes and toast really doesn’t cost that much to prepare, so why not do it right?  The breakfast turned out to be just what we expected. The eggs were fine, the home fries were horrible and the toast, well it’s toast. The home fries were made from wedges of potatoes ( probably leftovers) that were deep fried. All five small wedges worth. The coffee though was surprisingly good. The service was also nice and friendly.

Cost for the two specials with fresh eggs, one coffee and one tea..around $8.95..oh yeah rye bread will cost you a buck more too.  All in all it would have been twice as good by just doing two things. ALWAYS use fresh eggs and make a really, really great home fried potato. The search continues….

Regular Guy rating of * * 1/2


Corner of Jensen Beach Blvd and River Road

Jensen Beach Florida

Shrimpers in Port Salerno Fl

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

I am told that there are three good restaurants on the river in Port Salerno. One of which myself, my wife and another couple visited while attending the Seafood Festival ( see Seafood Festival Port Salerno Fl blog entry) on a beautiful day in January.

Plenty of outdoor seating right on the water, makes this spot a welcome site. We literally sat right next to some one’s cigarette boat as we ate our lunch. Tables with umbrella’s for those who don’t like eating in the sun’s strong rays or right out there in the middle of the heat. They also have outdoor seating in the bar area that has a covering over top of the serving and table areas.

We chose the table in the shady part of the outside seating to get the best of both.

I come to Florida as often as possible and when I do I make it a point to find a place that serves Grouper. If you don’t know, Grouper is a white fish with the texture of lobster meat. It should be cut fillet style for best portions. I like it because it is thick and flaky when prepared correctly a this one was. I ordered the Crispy Grouper Reuben which I later found out is one of the house specialties. As with any good Reuben the Crispy fried Grouper is sandwiched between two slices of grilled rye bread. Instead of sauerkraut, Shrimpers uses Cole slaw with a light spread of thousand island dressing and Swiss cheese. Served on the side are Seasoned Fries, a pickle wedge and Cole slaw. I have to say that this was one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten.. From the crispy Grouper to the grilled rye, everything about the combo was fantastic. I now understand why Shrimpers is known for its Grouper Reuben. The price is a little steep at $13.95 but everyone should experience this sandwich at least one time.

As luck would have it my friends decided to follow my lead and order the same thing. My wife on the other hand loves Sushi Tuna seasoned and grilled rare over a bed of greens. She couldn’t resist this salad on the menu. Served with wasabi, fresh ginger (ask and they will gladly bring you extra), a sesame ginger dressing and some crispy noodles as a garnish. The Tuna was exceptional and as good as any we have had before back in New Jersey. The salad cost $12.95 and the portion was enough for her, although she was hungry later that day and I couldn’t eat a thing until late that night.

Beers were cold and from a pretty decent selection. The fancy drinks leave a little to be desired as with most places the alcohol gets lost in the fruity drinks they add to them.

Overall for three Grouper Sandwiches, a Sesame Tuna Salad, three beers and a fancy mixed drink, $77.00. As I said earlier, a little pricey but the excellent food more than makes up for the cost of lunch. Service by Stephanie was terrific and cheerful. She was very knowledgeable and helpful with the menu and  her suggestion was right on the money.

Regular Guy rating of * * * *


on the river in Port Salerno Florida

( 20 minutes southeast of Stuart) off Dixie Highway

Go Fast

Monday, January 19th, 2009

vette-3My dad had some cool cars. In my early years I can’t remember much detail but I do know now that the cars he owned then are pretty hot items now.  like I said I can’t remember details but the first one I know was a Covair. Back then they were a hot item. Now they are really rare and highly collectible. Those cars were labeled death traps by Ralph Nader because the rear engines didn’t hold up too well to impact from behind in an accident. They only made them for a few years but he did have one.

The second one didn’t last too long either. I think it was a 1963 maybe 1964 Chevy Impala.  That Aquamarine Blue color with Blue interior. Probably a 327 engine, definitely bucket seats. That car was stolen one night which I assume didn’t make him too happy. I think the next one was a Pontiac Grand Prix. Not too shabby with that big 400 cu engine.  The last one I recall would be the 1972 Buick Rivera. He called it the Batmobile because of that rear window. I just saw one in a Jason Statham movie last week that was a Rust color and hopped up. Made me want to search eBay for one and do it up with the new tech stuff available today.

Me being the Regular Guy that I am,  began my love affair with cars real early.  My very first impressionable car was a 1969 Camaro. I knew right away I wanted one of those. I remember the striped hood and the sound that it made as it passed me. It was probably a Z/28 as I would find out later. Lucky guy that I am, I found, owned and restored two of them. It was quite a thing to get my hands on the car I always wanted, not once but twice.  Those two cars were unlike any other ones I have owned. The engines were pretty amazing. Little 302 engine could really push some ponies. They were said to have 290 horses but felt more like 350 or so. Not too good on low rpms but get them up high and they revved forever. Such a cool sound from that engine. I loved those cars, but they always needed fine tuning and were pretty shitty on gas. They did look good though and they did real well on resale. Made good profits on both, but wish I still had that second one today. Sold it for 12 grand in the late 90’s but could have gotten a hell of a lot more if I held it just a few years more.  Still the great memories live on.

Don’t tell me the Regular Guy doesn’t love his cars. Just look at how advertisers sell cars. Very sexy ads I would say, especially the foreign models. Growing up everyone of my friends had great rides. I bet they wish they had them back now. Lets see, ’70 Roadrunner, ’70 454 SS Chevelle, ’64 Vette, ’69 SS 396 Chevelle, ’70 Nova, and even the later model Trans Ams were sweet.  A Lot of Muscle Cars back then that sold for $2500 in primo condition. We used to think that was so much money. I guess it was when you were in High School and earning a couple of bucks washing pots and pans at Perkins.

Today I still have that love of fast cars, especially the old Muscle Cars. I drive a ’73 Vette now that isn’t quite my favorite but is a really clean and smooth running example. Always did like my Chevy’s though.  I can’t seem to break the habit and reach out for another brand.  I might be tempted though as some of the old body styles of the lesser models are starting to look real attractive at lower prices. The thing is guys like Chip Foose are taking cars that I never would have looked at, like the Ford Fairlane and turning them into great looking rides. Time to trade in that Vette and build something unique to me. You gotta admit that those old rides look and run really good with today’s modern engines, wheels, brakes, air conditioning and such added to them. The great styles and body lines with today’s technology is a can’t miss deal.

Let me hear about some of your past and present rides. Later!

The Regular Guy


Saturday, January 10th, 2009

sexEve…isn’t that where it all started? Tempted in the Garden of Eden by the forbidden fruit!

I think I was five. Maybe six. Six years old when I first noticed an attractive woman. I have to say woman because she was a woman. I guess I started out liking them older. My first was someone who was married to a Regular Guy who’s family we rented an apartment from.  I didn’t know much back then but I did know this.

Louis was a tough guy. He was a bad ass. At least I thought that from my very small perspective. He built motorcycles and painted them in his garage. He had bad ass biker friends and metal flake paint jobs. He smoked, with the cigarette always just hanging from the corner of his mouth. Jeans and ripped or no shirt. Tattoo’s and a drinker. All this but always treated me so nice. He was the first Regular Guy I know. No glitter, no bullshit just what a lot of people call a Man’s Man.

Louis had a girlfriend ( I can’t remember if he was married to her at the time), Eileen. From memory Eileen was beautiful. She had dark hair, kind of on the long side and a big smile. The smile is what I remember most about her. She had a slight overbite that to this day I find attractive in women. Just like Farrah. Remember Farrah’s smile she had in her very famous and super groovy poster from the 70’s? At the time I would never had known that Eileen would be the model from which all women in my life would be compared to.

That picture above spells it out quite clearly. Written on the girls’ stomach is the letters SEX. If your the Regular Guy and you see this picture, I don’t have to tell you what your thinking. ON my ABOUT THE REGULAR GUY page,  I mentioned the “Extra Chip” that men get at birth that women don’t. I can’t explain it in any other way. It’s the thing that makes us talk about sex all the time when we hang out, just the guys.  It’s the reason beer commercials have women pop up every time a guy opens a bottle. It’s why that crappy eatery named Hooter’s is so popular. It’s the thing that makes us want sex from our wife when she just wakes up, just works out, during an argument, or any other time ( probably 20 or 30 instances a day), she doesn’t expect it or even remotely think about it.

I’ll give you an example. I can sit on the couch with my wife and she can kiss me for hours and then get up brush her teeth, wash her face and lay in bed and fall asleep. I can bet that this has happened in one way or another to many a Regular Guy. In my mind, I would say that from the second kiss I was thinking about SEX. After all those hours of kissing, I already had thought about SEX in a few different positions,  cleaned up and started again, in my mind that is. How the heck does she do it? Now, I am not going to say that if I don’t make a move she won’t play along but if I sit idle, she can do just what I laid out for you earlier.

That’s where the “Extra Chip” comes in. That “Chip” would have made her pants fall off at the second kiss, just like I imagined. That “Chip” is why women call us pigs, dogs or just “Dirty Old Men”. Hey it’s not our fault we’re this way. And why is that so hard to accept anyway. Don’t we have to accept that they don’t think about it or want it as much as we do. Hey we go through years  of fighting the urges everyday just because its what we have to do to stay in  a committed relationship. So if we have to lay awake at night in bed staring at the ceiling wondering when the next opportunity will present itself, then they should be more sensitive to our situation.

You know, most of us talk a good talk but never do anything to hurt the one we love. Sure its tempting and sometimes so hard to resist. It’s really not an excuse and we don’t know why it is this way but baby its true. My guess is that the Porn industry is so big because we really can’t get enough SEX to ever satisfy us. It is probably a major relief valve for a lot of guys.

So what’s my point? I have been talking about this “Extra Chip” for years with a good friend. He thinks I am a little nuts about my  blaming it on the “Chip “idea, but he does agree that we as Regular Guys have to deal with it all the time. He loves his Porn and does and says some pretty off the wall shit. His wife is the complete opposite and as far as I know accepts him for the whack job that he is. You see, even though he uses Porn for an outlet, he never crosses the line. He’s faithful beyond belief to his wife. He never speaks to me about cheating on her, although he will share a fantasy or two with me about some shiny woman in a picture. I guess that is my point right there. We all know how hard it is wanting SEX all the time, but most of us know that although the thoughts and urges will always be there, it would never take the place of the woman we love.The best of the Regular Guys know that although SEX is always present in our head, it isn’t the thing that counts in the end. If your woman is the right one, you know that there are far more important things in your relationship than SEX.

The Regular Guy

AAAAGHH Its the Holiday’s Man

Thursday, January 8th, 2009


Another New Year. Holidays get harder to enjoy as you get older. I still can’t figure out how to shop for my family. Man what do you get for your parents that 1) they don’t already have after some 40 years or so 2) they will actually USE  and 3) you won’t eventually wind up with someday. How about children? When I was a kid A/FX cars, Hot Wheels and Bicycles were pretty much it. Now most Regular Guys have to take loans on their credit cards just to pay for an IPOD or cell phone that texts. And if that isn’t bad enough, next year that IPOD just got updated and it isn’t good enough anymore. So it starts all over again.

I see friends of mine agonizing over buying for their kids and then they think they didn’t buy enough.  I stopped by Walmart 6 times in hopes of securing a Wii for my daughter, who by the way, told me she wanted it on Black Friday. Did you ever try buying a video console for Christmas? It’s madness. Luckily, my wife happened to be there when a delivery truck arrived on her ONE visit. Go figure.

What happened to the Holidays? Everything is all about what you get and even worse, what you have to buy for others. I miss the times when our whole family would meet at my Grandma’s, squeeze some 15 people around a table for 6, ate until all the men fell asleep watching football while the women sang songs doing the dishes. My daughter will never experience that. I have to say, I never realized just how nice it was while it was happening, but I sure do miss it now.

Everyone is so spread out now. Families no longer live in the same state let alone the same town. Used to be that everyone grew up, lived and worked in the same place their whole life. The family has changed and so with it did the old Holiday traditions. It always seems to be such a big deal now trying to get everyone in the same place. With kids and  traveling, and sometimes up to four families to visit due to divorces ( see Vince Vaughn/ Four Christmas’) its  always a nightmare. Then you get the guilt factor from your Mom. Oh its so subtle but you know it when it rears its ugly head. “Oh I guess you’ll be spending Christmas with ( fill in ) this year. Its okay. Your father and I are getting used to being alone”. Wow, that doesn’t sting!!

I like the way some of my Regular Guy friends and their families handle Holidays. They have a plan to be in the same place for the same Holiday every year, with one family taking turns to host. It’s so simple yet so elusive to most. I been trying to get my family to do this for years but always another excuse why we can’t make it happen.

And so the agony continues…Overall this years Holiday seemed to work out pretty good. I can’t wait until next year. NOT!!!

Just one man’s opinion…

The Regular Guy