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Ready, Aim, Fire

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

It really can’t be that hard. A toilet is a pretty big target so I just can’t figure out why so many men can’t seem to get that yellow stuff in.

I have seen some pretty bad urinals in public places that I refuse to stand in front of. Urine on my shoe bottoms is not tolerable, so why then would I want to see it in my own house. I think I might have to get a “port-a-potty ” for the next party, or maybe a flexible shield for the rim. How about battleships in the bowl like they do for little boys potty training. Maybe I can make a game of it. Seriously, your mommy isn’t going to cleanup after you anymore and I sure as hell don’t want to. I almost cringe anymore when a guy comes to my house and needs to pee. Figure it out guys and aim for the water……or try using the white stuff on the roll next to you to wipe up the drops!!!

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My new girlfriend

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Last week my new girlfriend greeted me happily as my wife looked on affectionately. A black beauty for sure but no threat to the wife as she is quite comfortable with the new addition to our household. The first day of hopefully a long lasting relationship between myself and my (soon to be, hopefully completed) 1972 Chevelle.

Yes I am heading back to the days of my youth, to again restore a prized possession. Purchasing this new canvas to create a modern day ride with nostalgic looks, I shall undertake a long and meaningful journey to bring this fair maiden back to life. As of now she runs, and hiccups a lot, but fear not I shall prevail.

I would like to share my quest with all who care to watch this car transform into something some would call a “one off’ “    creation. Modern day technology in a ride from the past. What better than yesterdays muscle car looks with today’s comforts and safety. Not one for today’s models, I set out to build what “I ” would want in a car. Stay tuned.