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Keurig Prime Error fix

Sunday, December 7th, 2014
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Keurig prime error fix

If you own a Keurig you have probably experienced this problem and searched online as did I for a cure. I couldn’t find anything that worked so I took it upon myself to try repairing it on my own.

Easy fix and so far after more than 24 cups I haven’t had the problem anymore. Prior to fix my Keurig would need to be unplugged and warmed up again in between EVERY cup brewed. This started after about a year of use.

1. At bottom inside of  reservoir water tank  you will need to remove 3 screws that hold the filter screen in place. Take screen and scrub/ rinse any particles that have accumulated. Replace back into tank.

2. Turn Keurig brewer over and remove 5 screws that hold the bottom cover plate. After removing you will see a small plastic hose that attaches the pump to the intake where the water enters from the reservoir tank. There are two zip ties and a hose clamp that keep the hose attached to the fittings. You will need to clean the plastic inlet at the top of the hose, Remove the 2  screws holding it to the base of the brewer. Then cut loose the two zip tie ends from the hose. This will allow removal of the inlet tube.

3. Push out the black plastic screen from the white plastic/ rubber inlet. Replacing it is easy as it only goes back in the inlet one way. Scrub and rinse the screen to remove debris. Replace back into the inlet. Attach the hose to the inlet and secure with two new zip ties. Screw inlet back in place and replace the bottom cover.

4. At this point I primed the intake where the reservoir tank fits into the base ( you can find this where the blue low water light comes on with tank removed). Pour a little water into this hole prior to placing the tank back in place. This will help insure that water draws thru without air on the first brew.

5. I ran a couple of water cycles thru the brewer prior to using coffee to make sure all was working well.

6. Good luck and happy trouble free brewing! Check out my posts while your here. I appreciate your input.

The Regular Guy