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Aart Accent Tattoo, 1041 n Rampart NO

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

What better place then New Orleans to get a new tattoo? I can’t think of one.


This road trip we are on is full of great things to see, great things to eat and drink and great reasons for getting another tattoo. On the night before we get ready to leave New Orleans, we decide to get it done. Place a lifetime mark on my skin to remind me of how great this trip has been.

We ask around town for a reputable Tattoo shop and low and behold there is one a block away from our hotel and they take walk ins. We get our act together and head out to see if we can design something and bring home a souvenir.

James Wallace

From the outside, the shop looks just like any other Tattoo Parlor with tattooed people hanging out front, motorcycle at the curb and customers poking around. Most places like this are not usually filled with friendly guys and most can be very intimadating as this one looks to be at first glance. Its always awkward going for Tattoo because you dont want to feel as if your wasting an artists time but you don’t want to make the wrong decision either. I kind of figure that most artists get alot of tire kickers and first timers trying to get the nerve up to do it.

Meet James Wallace, our Tattoo artist this evening. This guy just took the reins and drew up a design, asked the right questions and made us feel comfortable throughout the process which ended up in the two of us leaving with new Tattoos.

For anyone who wants an experience not just a Tattoo, this is your shop. All the guys who work there were extremely friendly and even offered us the opportunity to order food delivered since we would be there through dinner. I can’t say enough good things about the staff and the work they do so I’ll just end it here with a thank you!

Hows this for a white GTO?

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Fight.. Fight!!

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

May 1, Sunday

Morning breaks and we make it to Sanford Fl by 830a. Waiting for the bikes to be unloaded takes about two hours so we sit and watch for them and our third party, who has made plans to meet us here today.

Its HOLY HOT outside as temperatures reach the high 80’s and so we dress accordingly. Speaking of which, today’s new fabrics for underwear work wonders when riding long distances. With our plan to ride 275 miles and in this heat, these new synthetics do the trick. Best part about them is you get in the shower with them and wash them there, hang them to dry and in the morning they are good to go.

So we make the long haul only stopping once for lunch and twice for gas, but at the last stop for gas we meet some of the local residents. While pumping fuel two guys without shirts,shoes and covered with tats start fighting. Well one guy was fighting and the other was getting pummeled. Quite a scene. Funny still because as they were chasing each other and later as they fought, they ran into my friend and almost knocked his bike down. Where it got funny is as they were leaving the station, each guy came up to my friend and apologized for knocking into him!I’m guessing they didn’t want to leave us with a bad impression of the locals.  Crazy stuff. This is what I mean by the funny things that happen on these trips.

Anyway, other than that it was pretty uneventful. Great roads with no traffic but not much to see as it was mostly
farms and flatland. Tommorow its off to Alabama and the gulf shores.

Just one man’s opinion
The Regular Guy