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First Scare

Monday, May 16th, 2016

Sunday May 15

We leave Nashville early Sunday morning and no more than 10 minutes in we have a moment of fear.

As the three of us make our way onto the highway one of us gets separated  and we lose sight of him. The first thing we do is pull off to the side of the highway and try to figure out whats happening.

We both take out our phones and wait for a call from our friend who is still nowhere in sight. By now we figure we are about a mile away from where we last saw him, so we figure to give him 10 minutes to call us. As the time passes we begin to think the worst and pray we are wrong, but decide to circle back in hopes that he will be waiting where we last saw him. That is usually the best way to get everyone back together, especially if the person who is separated doesn’t know the route or roads well. Just as we get ready to leave I se him in the distance making his way to us. First thought is he’s not hurt and okay enough to be riding his bike. Turns out his wallet and cell phone flew off the bike onto the highway at which point he pulled to the side and ran out onto the highway and got them. Truck 1- Phone 0. but the wallet survives and more important our friend is safe and unharmed.

The roads from Nashville to and thru North Carolina are the best ones yet. We navigate to the Cherahola Skyway which by far is the best motorcycle road we have driven on the whole trip. Curves and switchbacks, long well paved straightaways and climbs that take us to heights of 6000 feet above sea level. Spectacular views of the surrounding states, dams, waterfalls and trees as far as the  eyes can see. Really a great road for motorcycles but one that you white knuckle most of the way just trying to stay on the roadway as you climb and descend the tight turns throughout the mountains.

We reach our destination in Robbinsville North Carolina safely, a little cold but in one piece with the scare of the trip behind us. Tomorrow we head further east and north to Deals Gap NC and the Tail of the Dragon.

Nashville Rocks!!!

Monday, May 16th, 2016

Friday May 13

Friday the thirteenth, a scary day to be out on a bike if your superstitious.

The road to Nashville is a short 4 hour ride but again laced with tractor trailers as far as your eyes can see, but the blacktop is smooth and the weather is great. Highway 40 stretches out across the southern part of the country pretty much from North Carolina to New Mexico and we have ridden a great part of it over the past two weeks.

Nashville at night is a spectacular view from Broadway, the riverfront or from any of the roof top bars/restaurants along the street. Neon signs are everywhere outlining Broadway’s music spots and eateries. Not unlike Memphis or Bourbon St but much, much more intense. Its almost hard to hear the person next to you as you walk up and down Music City’s District area. Smokey BBQ whiffs thru the air competing only with the sounds of Country / Rock and Roll music. Streets are lined with more people than I have ever seen in a city at one time, perhaps even more than NYC during Christmas at Rockefeller Center.


Museums for legends BB King and Johnny Cash, Titans stadium, boot stores, Grizzlies and Opryland are just a few of the tourists attractions for most visitors. Uber makes it extremely easy to get around town when the distance is too great to walk. Tonight we stroll up and down each street surrounding Broadway so as to take in all the sites and sounds it has to offer.Downtown Nashville is very similar to Memphis in that music is oozing from every door and window opening on Broadway. Walking Broadway you see neon lighting almost every window or building with rooftop restaurants and bars filled with people. Nashville has its share of homeless and street entertainers just like Memphis and NOLA, working to get your money but they are somewhat passive in their efforts to attain such. Not much of a bother and somewhat interesting they approach you with all sorts of crazy things from stories to songs.Bar hopping is easy here as there aren’t any covers and you can choose to just stand outside and sample the music. Tipping buckets are the norm here for bands playing in bars.

Nissan stadium where the Titans play is a short distance across the walking bridge that connects the downtown with the stadium across the river. We visited one of the music museums that featured Johnny Cash and it was worth the $18 fee. Broadway is hopping tonight with so many brides to be and their friends, who all seem to wear matching clothes, hats or something to designate they are together. This seems to be the new hot spot for bachelorette destination parties.

We get our share of Nashville over the two days we spend here with all the food, drink and excellent music we can handle. From here its on to Robbinsville NC and the Dragons Tail