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Charlie’s Angel no more…

Monday, July 6th, 2009

I hope that I am not coming off as being callous but why couldn’t Michael Jackson pass on one week later? Maybe if Michael had died a different week, Farrah Fawcett’s death would have gotten more attention.

I can’t remember just when it was that I began to like Farrah Fawcett. It definitely wasn’t during her short stint on Charlies Angel’s. And believe it or not, it wasn’t from owning that poster of hers, because I didn’t have a copy. I think it might have been when she turned fifty. A friend of mine bought me a copy of her Playboy video for my birthday. What a guy huh? Yeah that’s probably when I began to like Farrah Fawcett.

I know I sound just like a guy because I chose that moment in time, being it was Playboy and all, but something struck me about her that hadn’t before. She seemed real to me. Not like Pamela Lee Anderson, who was always so fake looking. Farrah just had something about her that made you think she was just a regular woman. The only other celebrity woman I can remember thinking the same way about was Cindy Crawford.

Even though that video was very corny and she came off as whiny and a little ditsy at times, she did seem to be real. Getting past her good looks you could see why so many people admired and followed her career. She definitely came off as a down to earth woman and someone who you could probably approach and hold a conversation with.

When I first heard that Farrah was sick with incurable Cancer, I was really taken back by it. After seeing her television special about her battle with the disease, I felt even worse. I don’t know what the connection is with Farrah but her life left a mark on mine.

The reason I said what I did about Micheal Jackson earlier, was because his death overshadowed Farrahs and she never got the attention that she deserved. After showing us just how horrible Cancer is and how she fought valiantly to the end, she deserved more in death. Maybe this sounds a little strange because after reading this I thought so too, but it seems like everything that happened to Michael Jackson he brought on himself. Farrah just happened to catch a bad break and in death had to take a back seat to a talented yet freakish superstar.

Maybe others out there will read this and agree with me. Maybe in some strange way Farrah affected them in a way they can’t explain either.Maybe this is just my way of recognizing Farrah’s life and death, and what she meant to me…..


Saturday, January 10th, 2009

sexEve…isn’t that where it all started? Tempted in the Garden of Eden by the forbidden fruit!

I think I was five. Maybe six. Six years old when I first noticed an attractive woman. I have to say woman because she was a woman. I guess I started out liking them older. My first was someone who was married to a Regular Guy who’s family we rented an apartment from.  I didn’t know much back then but I did know this.

Louis was a tough guy. He was a bad ass. At least I thought that from my very small perspective. He built motorcycles and painted them in his garage. He had bad ass biker friends and metal flake paint jobs. He smoked, with the cigarette always just hanging from the corner of his mouth. Jeans and ripped or no shirt. Tattoo’s and a drinker. All this but always treated me so nice. He was the first Regular Guy I know. No glitter, no bullshit just what a lot of people call a Man’s Man.

Louis had a girlfriend ( I can’t remember if he was married to her at the time), Eileen. From memory Eileen was beautiful. She had dark hair, kind of on the long side and a big smile. The smile is what I remember most about her. She had a slight overbite that to this day I find attractive in women. Just like Farrah. Remember Farrah’s smile she had in her very famous and super groovy poster from the 70’s? At the time I would never had known that Eileen would be the model from which all women in my life would be compared to.

That picture above spells it out quite clearly. Written on the girls’ stomach is the letters SEX. If your the Regular Guy and you see this picture, I don’t have to tell you what your thinking. ON my ABOUT THE REGULAR GUY page,  I mentioned the “Extra Chip” that men get at birth that women don’t. I can’t explain it in any other way. It’s the thing that makes us talk about sex all the time when we hang out, just the guys.  It’s the reason beer commercials have women pop up every time a guy opens a bottle. It’s why that crappy eatery named Hooter’s is so popular. It’s the thing that makes us want sex from our wife when she just wakes up, just works out, during an argument, or any other time ( probably 20 or 30 instances a day), she doesn’t expect it or even remotely think about it.

I’ll give you an example. I can sit on the couch with my wife and she can kiss me for hours and then get up brush her teeth, wash her face and lay in bed and fall asleep. I can bet that this has happened in one way or another to many a Regular Guy. In my mind, I would say that from the second kiss I was thinking about SEX. After all those hours of kissing, I already had thought about SEX in a few different positions,  cleaned up and started again, in my mind that is. How the heck does she do it? Now, I am not going to say that if I don’t make a move she won’t play along but if I sit idle, she can do just what I laid out for you earlier.

That’s where the “Extra Chip” comes in. That “Chip” would have made her pants fall off at the second kiss, just like I imagined. That “Chip” is why women call us pigs, dogs or just “Dirty Old Men”. Hey it’s not our fault we’re this way. And why is that so hard to accept anyway. Don’t we have to accept that they don’t think about it or want it as much as we do. Hey we go through years  of fighting the urges everyday just because its what we have to do to stay in  a committed relationship. So if we have to lay awake at night in bed staring at the ceiling wondering when the next opportunity will present itself, then they should be more sensitive to our situation.

You know, most of us talk a good talk but never do anything to hurt the one we love. Sure its tempting and sometimes so hard to resist. It’s really not an excuse and we don’t know why it is this way but baby its true. My guess is that the Porn industry is so big because we really can’t get enough SEX to ever satisfy us. It is probably a major relief valve for a lot of guys.

So what’s my point? I have been talking about this “Extra Chip” for years with a good friend. He thinks I am a little nuts about my  blaming it on the “Chip “idea, but he does agree that we as Regular Guys have to deal with it all the time. He loves his Porn and does and says some pretty off the wall shit. His wife is the complete opposite and as far as I know accepts him for the whack job that he is. You see, even though he uses Porn for an outlet, he never crosses the line. He’s faithful beyond belief to his wife. He never speaks to me about cheating on her, although he will share a fantasy or two with me about some shiny woman in a picture. I guess that is my point right there. We all know how hard it is wanting SEX all the time, but most of us know that although the thoughts and urges will always be there, it would never take the place of the woman we love.The best of the Regular Guys know that although SEX is always present in our head, it isn’t the thing that counts in the end. If your woman is the right one, you know that there are far more important things in your relationship than SEX.

The Regular Guy