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Key Lime Cafe, Stuart Fl

Outdoor dining in great weather is a hard to beat allure when looking for lunch on a sunny afternoon. Key Lime Cafes outdoor seating area offers just the right mix of sun and shade, along with drink specials and a … Continue reading

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Snip, clip or strip will ya mate

  Come on man! Those ear, nose eyebrow and neck hairs aren’t working for you. Just because your older now and can’t see them too well doesn’t mean they aren’t visible to others. That eyebrow isn’t supposed to meet the … Continue reading

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Policticans SUCK..well most of them

Do I give a crap about being politically correct. No. If all politicians don’t suck its only because they are too new at it. It’s really difficult to avoid talking politics today. Everyday I’m inundated with emails about our representatives … Continue reading

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The Super players thoughts

Great take on the game itself..thought I should share this in case you missed it Editor’s note: Minnesota Vikings punter, Tripping Icarus bass guitarist, video game aficionado and Twitter icon (@ChrisWarcraft) Chris Kluwe offers his take on the Super Bowl … Continue reading

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