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Something borrowed, something blue…this wedding thing is not for you

I dread weddings. It always seems like an inconvenience to have to go to a wedding. All the planning and waiting for the day and then you go and the wedding is like a clone of the last one you … Continue reading

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Chasing my tail or how the list never ends

Everyone has one. Everyone I know at sometime in their life creates one. Everyone who works and has some kind of responsible position should have one. Every mom has one. I have one. Make that more than one. Yeah, I … Continue reading

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Bay Ave Diner, Manahawkin NJ

As most people know, New Jersey is the diner capital. Unfortunatly for me, on this day, I chose the wrong time to visit one. Feeling hungry and on my way to work, I can’t help thinking about a stack of … Continue reading

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The Regular Guy Marriage and Sex Survey

Men like to talk about marriage and sex. Well let me rephrase that…men usually always talk about marriage and sex. More so sex than marriage but marriage or even better,  “the wife”. So what does the Regular Guy think about … Continue reading

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