Sweet Sweet Music

I grew up in a home filled with music. From as early as I can remember, music has always played a big part in my life. My mom is the reason why music is so embedded in me and continuously finds its way into my daily life. My mom has been involved with music since she was a teenager. Heck she had her own fan club before she finished high school. I remember her singing like most people talk. All the time. Especially when washing dishes. I used to think every one’s mom sang at the sink. In my family all the girls and women used to wash the dinner plates after Sunday meals and they would all harmonize to some Frankie Valle song or Row Row Row your Boat. There was always music playing at home and I guess I got early exposure to some very cool dudes because of it. I probably wouldn’t  have grown to like Sinatra so much if it weren’t for those days past.

Music has always helped define and mark periods in my life.  The theme to Batman is one of my first television memory’s and today I have it on my cell phone as a ring back tone. The soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever takes me back to high school and the early disco days. Most of my past girlfriends and friends have a song attached to them and every time I hear it I think of them. Maybe the strangest but also  the most incredible thing is that I wake up every morning and before I get out of bed I have a song in my head or on my lips. This has been happening to me for longer than I can remember. I used to log the songs in a journal when I began to realize that it was happening to me on a daily basis.

I believe that music touches all of us in some way or another and I would like to share some of my love of music on this site. With the help of a very close friend, we will establish a gateway to music the way we hear and feel it. My friend Donn also shares a love for music but in a different more ongoing way. He always seems to be one up on me with the latest artists and songs. He attends a lot of  concerts from local  and world famous artists and always has a great time in doing so.  I thought that it would be great to have him share his passion for music with us on my site . Look for Donn’s reviews, links, song clips, videos, and anything else we can find to spike your interest to participate in our quest for the best music both past and present.

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