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hamburgerfries I love to EAT. I really do. Probably comes form my family background. Being Italian it is one of the things we do best.  I love  to  cook too,  so it goes well with loving to eat.  Problem is that I rarely find places to eat that live up to my high expectations. My wife and I have similar tastes in food and food service. Especially the service part. Nothing ticks us off more than bad food except bad service. What is it with service today? I know that I can’t be the only one who experiences bad service on a regular basis.

I will be posting reviews on my website of the places that I stop at along my daily travels. I will be looking for above average food, moderate pricing and great service.  I am hoping that my wife will assist me in sharing her opinions on this site as well. We have always wanted to establish a site where people who travel could check out reviews by everyday Regular Guys like us. Lets face it, most Regular Guys don’t eat out at very expensive places except on special occasions, so the focus here will be on the everyday stops we probably encounter in our normal lives. Diners, fast food, strip mall restaurants, pizzeria’s and the like with the occasional high end stop for those special nights out.

If you haven’t noticed that plated Burger yet, take a look. You will be hearing a lot about them as they are my favorite food. I am always in search of the great Hamburger stop, so beware.  Check out my posts under EATS,  as they happen and share some thoughts about the places you stop by for a bite to eat.  Be sure to include the business name  and the town where they are located so that the Regular Guy can check ’em out.

I will be rating places on a scale of One * to Five * * * * *. Best being Five * * * * * of course!

The Regular Guy

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