Mulligans in Jensen Beach Fl.

Breakfast is always a big deal for me.  I love eating out for breakfast, so my search for a good breakfast spot is never ending.

Mulligans is a neighborhood restaurant/bar on the corner of Jensen Beach blvd, in a cool little beach town on the east coast. Mulligans boasts open outdoor seating and a tiki style bar with endless drink specials.

On Friday this past week, my wife and I decided to search out breakfast in our little town. Our usual spot closed down due to a lease problem so we needed to find a new favorite.  Mulligans posts a sign each day welcoming patrons to breakfast at the very low price of $1.99. The Regular Guy just has to try this special.

Our waitress greets us with coffee and tea and offers up her special of two scrambled eggs, home fries and toast all for a buck ninety nine. I ask if the eggs have to be scrambled and she replies that for $1.00 more I can have fresh eggs any style. I do not like frozen liquid eggs especially for breakfast. Believe me people, you do not want to see how those eggs are handled and kept from day to day.  Any way we both opt for the eggs over medium in place of scrambled.

Two things are a must for a great breakfast place.  A waitress who knows when you need more coffee and terrific home fries. Lets face it, anyone can make eggs if they can cook, but really, really great home fries are few and far between.  Home fried potatoes should never be from last nights baked leftovers. Nor should they be fried wedges of last nights baked leftovers. Home fried potatoes must have at least onions and a good seasoning blend. It’s really not rocket science, but it just takes some effort to put out a good home fried potato. After all it is half of what makes up your breakfast plate.

Mulligans needs to look at the way they do breakfast. I really don’t expect too much for $1.99 but two eggs, a few potatoes and toast really doesn’t cost that much to prepare, so why not do it right?  The breakfast turned out to be just what we expected. The eggs were fine, the home fries were horrible and the toast, well it’s toast. The home fries were made from wedges of potatoes ( probably leftovers) that were deep fried. All five small wedges worth. The coffee though was surprisingly good. The service was also nice and friendly.

Cost for the two specials with fresh eggs, one coffee and one tea..around $8.95..oh yeah rye bread will cost you a buck more too.  All in all it would have been twice as good by just doing two things. ALWAYS use fresh eggs and make a really, really great home fried potato. The search continues….

Regular Guy rating of * * 1/2


Corner of Jensen Beach Blvd and River Road

Jensen Beach Florida

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