3 cheers for Arizona!!!!

You have to give Governor Jan Brewer credit. She’s got BALLS!!!!

Not only has she worked on and helped get passed, a Senate Bill to enforce immigration laws,  but she also went over her Attorney Generals head when he refused to represent the people of Arizona on her behalf. Jan Brewer  had a statue written giving her power to join other States in their lawsuit against our President and Congress for passing what many believe to be, an unconstitutional Health Care Bill.

More of our Representatives should have the guts to do what this woman is attempting…getting back our country and doing what the people of her State ask her to.

I would hope that all of you Google Senator Sylvia Allen and Governor Jan Brewer, write to them, and let them know you support them for their efforts…After all, our President thinks illegal aliens are a joking matter,,( see Governors website video at  www.janbrewer.com/news-room/videos ) while we continue to carry the financial burden of having to pay for all the free health care they receive everyday. Do your part…its time..

The Regular Guy

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4 Responses to 3 cheers for Arizona!!!!

  1. "Veggie" Pete Doonis says:

    I have it on reliable authority that Mexicans (non tax paying, parasitic, unregistered job stealers…and drug dealers) are not the only illegal aliens “breaking in” to our country through our southern border. The list of violent, douche bags that are destroying our country from within is quite impressive. Many of the illegals are from Asia, the Middle East (A.K.A. probable Islamic, extremist, terrorist types) and Central and South America (drug dealing scum of the earth). Sorry…that’s profiling, and profiling is wrong.

    I am not a Native American. Therefore I am the descendant of “legal” aliens, who became Americans the day they arrive “legally”…oh yea I already mentioned the legal part, sorry.

    I digress, again I apologize.
    Three cheers for the Governors balls!!!

  2. ryce reeves says:

    im from hawaii and i support gov. jan brewer 100%. i wish that our gov. here had the same balls she has!!!!!!

  3. admin says:

    hopefully more of our reps will fall in line and stop all the bullcrap, make a stand and do whats right…Aloha

  4. admin says:

    would you mind if I subscribe you to my site?

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