Not just your everyday Dentist visit..DeMarco Family Dental

Normally I just review places I visit to eat but I had to use my site to comment on my new Dentist.

logoWow, what a crazy experience! I have to say that I have never been given a tour of a dentists office before which was a little wacky but a pretty cool idea. Being shown every room and what its purpose is was a little over the top but it does leave you with a lasting impression. My tour guide,Deanna, was a pleasure and her enthusiasm and energy was incredible. Although she tried her best to be professional, I had to make remarks about the tour as it was given. She and I laughed for almost the whole visit. I know that sounds strange and I can’t explain it. After the tour, I was greeted by my hygienist, my new dentist and the young lady who handles insurance and payments. All this time while in my chair still with bib around my neck. Everyone was great and they show a whole different approach to what a visit to a dentist can be. They use flat screens in each room to show your x-rays and pictures of your mouth as they explain what they are doing and what is needed. I learned more about my teeth and gums during my initial visit than I had in 30 years with my prior dentist. I have been bragging about their staffs “professionalism with a flair”, to say the least, to my wife who will definitely be joining me as new patients to DeMarco Family Dental. Thank you for making dentists visits both informative, a little strange
(in a good way) and definitely personal. Great job!!!!

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