Alabama getaway, getaway!

May 2 Monday

Tallahassee looks better in the mirrors as we head out to Alabama’s Gulf Coast!

It looks and feels like rain and the forecast says we are going to get some. I hate getting wet but we set out with hopes of making it thru most of the day without getting rain. The first 20 miles or so are highway but after that we settle in to back roads that are perfect and without any traffic. When you plan a trip like this its hard to know from looking at google and maps, just what kind of roads you will be on. You do get a sense of what type they are based on the states designation of the road. Interstate, rural, state highway to name a few, gives you an idea how fast you will get to your destination. Taking back roads are the way to go on a bike but they increase your riding by up to 2 times.

Most of the  roads  so far have been country or farmland , which plays right into the ride perfectly because they are the most fun to travel on. All the smells that range from sweet and flowery to holy horse crap! But that’s what makes riding that much better than driving.

Crossing the ” Flora-Bama” state line is a big deal here. Flora-Bama is known for its Mullet toss once a year, where people come to see how far over the state line they can toss a mullet. Actually at the state line is a Flora-Bama property that has three restaurants and a nite club. On this nite we chose to eat in the Ole River Bar. Hey Eryn, I hope you read this! Eryn was our waitress and a great one at that. Extremely friendly and she set us up with the Mets game broadcast right to our table. A Batman fan at heart, she gave me her check sleeve that she made herself, when she found out Batman’s my favorite character. Thanks again Eryn!

Gulf beaches are nice but not today. Cloudy and damp. Tomorrow NOLA!!(New Orleans Louisiana)

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3 Responses to Alabama getaway, getaway!

  1. teri rutigliano says:

    Sounds great Bob, thanks for sharing your trip highlights, I feel like I am traveling with you. Enjoy!!

  2. Eryn Brown says:

    I did finally get to read this I am so glad y’all enjoyed everything. Y’all were a pleasure to take care of. Kept me laughing the whole time. I still have my 7 dollar and have not come across another one since then.

  3. slip60 says:

    Hi Eryn..thanks for the great service! Keep reading and commenting, and keep up the great service and personality.

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