Fight.. Fight!!

May 1, Sunday

Morning breaks and we make it to Sanford Fl by 830a. Waiting for the bikes to be unloaded takes about two hours so we sit and watch for them and our third party, who has made plans to meet us here today.

Its HOLY HOT outside as temperatures reach the high 80’s and so we dress accordingly. Speaking of which, today’s new fabrics for underwear work wonders when riding long distances. With our plan to ride 275 miles and in this heat, these new synthetics do the trick. Best part about them is you get in the shower with them and wash them there, hang them to dry and in the morning they are good to go.

So we make the long haul only stopping once for lunch and twice for gas, but at the last stop for gas we meet some of the local residents. While pumping fuel two guys without shirts,shoes and covered with tats start fighting. Well one guy was fighting and the other was getting pummeled. Quite a scene. Funny still because as they were chasing each other and later as they fought, they ran into my friend and almost knocked his bike down. Where it got funny is as they were leaving the station, each guy came up to my friend and apologized for knocking into him!I’m guessing they didn’t want to leave us with a bad impression of the locals.  Crazy stuff. This is what I mean by the funny things that happen on these trips.

Anyway, other than that it was pretty uneventful. Great roads with no traffic but not much to see as it was mostly
farms and flatland. Tommorow its off to Alabama and the gulf shores.

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