What is keeping you off Ebay???

Did you ever hear the saying “one mans junk is another mans treasure”? Never has that saying been truer than it is today. Just take a visit to Ebay and you will quickly understand how so many things one man doesn’t want becomes treasured by another. If you are a Regular Guy you should be using Ebay “all the time”. If you aren’t using Ebay then you eitherlogoebay_x45 have a boatload of junk in your closets or a garage that doesn’t fit a car but houses memories from years gone by.

I myself, used to collect comics and Batman memorabilia. I myself, now do not want to collect comics and Batman memorabilia. I found Ebay some 10 years ago and I was hooked faster than you can hit the send button on a closing auction.Things that I never figured someone would want not only sold but commanded big money. There is no other way that I know of that you can reach millions of potential buyers with so little effort. The hardest thing about posting items is taking the pictures and organizing them for use on your listing. Once you become knowledgeable with how things work, you just have to keep a folder on your desktop with all your Ebay items needed to start your new money making machine.

Funny thing about Ebay is that so many people are intimidated by the whole process. I have friends that are just so afraid that their identities are going to be stolen away and never returned. I try to explain to them that there isn’t much more risk by using Ebay than just surfing the web. Not only are they missing out on selling things that would lighten there load, but they also miss out on all the great deals on things they use everyday around the house. Take for instance electric razors, electric toothbrushes and cameras. Computer parts and old muscle cars parts are floating around the world wide web just waiting to be plucked from your screen to your mailbox at savings that sometimes are more than 50% off regular price. Not to mention the savings when shipping is included.

For all you Regular Guys who haven’t given Ebay a try, get off your ass and start making and saving greenbacks now. Don’t let this great venue pass you by because you are wasting dollars by spending them in retail stores. Maybe the best part of all about buying online is that you can do it 24/7 right from your easy chair. No trips to all the electronic stores to shop for the best price, just do your research first and click and pay later.

In closing I would offer you this example of one of my findings and dealings on Ebay. I needed new tires for

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my motorcycle, and also wanted to swap out my spoke rims for solid mag wheels. I found a set of solid Fat Boy rims with tires on Ebay and purchased them for $500. I then proceeded to list my tires, spoke rims and also the tires from the Fat Boy rims I purchased. I bought new tires online at a savings of 35% off my local Harley dealers prices for the same tires. I sold my items on Ebay for close to $600. So for about $100,which is roughly the cost of one new tire, I swapped the rims for ones I wanted and had new tires that I needed installed on the bike. If I were to buy the tires and rims at Harley Davidson, it would have cost me close to $1700 installed. If I didn’t use Ebay I wouldn’t have had the best opportunity to sell my used tires and spoke rims to recoup the money. That, my fellow Regular Guys, is proof enough why you should be using Ebay. Happy hunting!!!

Just one mans opinion…

The Regular Guy

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