Time stands still..

Being a kid, I always looked forward to snow days off from school. When my friends and I heard that snow was coming we couldn’t help but plan whose house we would wind up at to build a fort and have a war with neighboring kids.

There is something really wonderful about being snowbound in your home as an adult. Time stands still.

When everyone in town is snowbound, nobody gets the edge on anyone because we are all in the same boat. There are no worries about lost business to another company or making an interview for a job. There is no getting the kids ready for school while you text on your Blackberry to a client. Time stands still.

You sleep in and when you awake you hurry to the window to see just how much snow your going to have to shovel to get that car out of the driveway. Your not worried so you go back to bed and catch up on sleep you wouldn’t normally get. If your real lucky, your laying next to someone who is feeling a little frisky. Hell you have all day. Time stands still.

You finally get your butt out of bed and you eat a really big breakfast because your going to need those calories for all that shoveling. You dress like its 20 below outside and your armed with shovels, salt and ice scrappers. All this doesn’t seem so bad because you have all day and nowhere to be, just like everyone else.Time stands still.

As you shovel that snow you begin to remember when you were younger and your dad made you go outside to clear a path so he could go to the store for the milk and bread he forgot to get in preparation of the great storm. As he slides and stumbles to his car, you can hear him mumble under his breathe how your mom is a pain in the ass and won’t stoop reminding him how she “told him so”, about the milk and bread!  As the cold air brings you back to reality, you look around and marvel at how breathtaking the snow and ice on the trees look. What a great day to be alive and you remember that you have all day to enjoy it.

Yes, when a snowstorm hits your town, its truly a magical moment. It brings you back to a simpler time in life when you had nothing but time..no worries, no responsibilities, no cares in the world, just time. Time that was so endless because you never knew just how fast it would pass in your lifetime. For me, being snowbound stops time just long enough for me to remember what it was like, when I had nothing but time, to enjoy my life.

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3 Responses to Time stands still..

  1. Dani says:

    Love any reason to sleep in with you!

  2. Tommy V says:

    Regular Guy,

    Well said. Snow is really cool when your a kid. The forts, making angels by lying down on top of the snow, and of course snowball fights. Used to love picking up a handfull of snow and putting it down the back of a girl. They used to get pissed off at me, but it was fun anyway. Now I see my son playing it and I am glad he enjoyss it as well. Unfortunently, kids don’t seem to play outside the way we used to. Heck, we would even play football in it. I wish I had the health to be out there now with my boy.
    Thanks for opening up some good memories of my youth.

  3. admin says:

    Its really a good thing we start life as a little kid because as adults we get to appreciate now what didn’t appreciate when we were young. Too bad when your young you don’t know that life is so free and unencumbered by responsibilities at that age only to find out when its too late. I guess that’s why most of us look back on our childhood and smile. Thanks for the comment Tommy. Hope to see you soon!

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