Get better napkins will ya!!!

When a burger is so juicy and bursting with toppings, you have to provide strong napkins. Twenty or so napkins later, I got through my Tex Mex Burger at my now favorite burger joint, Burger 25. Almost three years ago when I started my blog, I spoke of my affection for hamburgers and my quest to find and consume the best ones. I have now visited Burger 25 two times and both times left satisfied with a full belly.

The first thing you see when you walk up to the counter is an adult sized font menu on the wall. Actually its the whole wall that portrays 25 different burger varieties and other menu items to compliment or instead of your burger. Easy to read is an understatement especially in today’s world of handheld devices. Its a pleasure to not have to don my glasses just to order up a burger combo.

Step up to the plate and order up one of these Tex Mex Burgers if you like avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, bacon, jack cheese and fried onions. A lot to handle  on a burger but soooo damn good you won’t want to put it down. Messy is par for the course when you add too many condiments to a burger and hence the need for a quality napkin. Anyhow, its fun adding to the pile of white paper on the side of the table, after ever bite, if only to see just how many it will take to get through the meal.

Check out Burger 25 next time you in the area, both in Bayville or Brick , New Jersey.

Burger 25

456 Atlantic City Blvd (Rte 9 south)

Bayville NJ 732-269-2625

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3 Responses to Get better napkins will ya!!!

  1. Dani says:

    I too enjoy a good burger and love burger 25 -I would like to see larger plates. A plate juts the size of my burger doesn’t cut it for me. I need some room to move around, I like to cut my burger in 1/2 because nothing tastes better than the center of the burger so I like to start there and work my way out! Also I like to dip my fries in ketchup so I need some room man! But they do make a mean burger!!

  2. TommyV says:

    Regular Guy,

    Although I live close to Burger 25, I have yet to eat there. Been going to 5 Guys out on RT.37, pretty good burger and great fries. Just wish they had a better roll for the burger, but still pretty good. Never understood how napkins “work” in a fast food place. If you go to say a McDonalds and just order a fries and shake, they give you like 20 napkins! What is that? Such waste. Why not a one or two better quality napkins instead? So much waste at some of these places. Will try your place sometime soon, thanks.

  3. admin says:

    Go see it!! And eat one too! Great burgers TV.
    Later gator

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