What do you believe?

This country is changing before our eyes and most people are ignoring it, don’t care or don’t believe it. This Presidential election is to date the most important one of mine and many others lifetime, with the chance that the next four years may either bring us back from near death or bury us for good.

With all the hype of the coming debates and election, what is everyone to believe? Americans have been force fed the same crap from both sides for too long and yet politicians continue down the same path because the majority of Americans buy into what their party is selling or they are just to stupid/lazy to do their due diligence on the candidates before them. Politicians know this all too well and play off the fact that they believe we are so busy with life and all the distractions from it, that we wont pay attention to what they are really doing. This had worked well  in the past but with groups like the  Tea party,  there has been more light shown on our politicians which is raising peoples awareness of what is really happening in our country.

I have never been one to just believe what I hear without reading into everything I can to research what is being said. I, like a lot of other people I know, get too many forwarded emails from friends and others that put information out there, most of which is old, proved false already or just plain made up nonsense. Over the past three years I have watched and or read, more programming on our countries past history, our present economic condition and also some items that portray what our country may look like in the coming years if we continue on this course. I have to say without hesitation, I went from skeptical to scared. At first I was mainly concerned with my financial situation and how it had been affected by the housing and banking disasters. Then as I read about what had happened I realized that it wasn’t so much the peoples fault as it was our so called “leaders” who created the mess and that most of them were a never held accountable for what happened. Although too many Americans lost life savings, our leaders continued to live the high life at our expense.

How many times have we heard that we all have to sacrifice more to get the federal deficit down. Why is it always the people who have to give more and the politicians  go on spending in ways that do not help alleviate the problem but continue to make it worse. How is it that our President, who consistently calls on us to sacrifice or pay our fair share, can take, between himself and his wife, more vacations at the tax payers expense, than any other President in our history. I never realized that our presidents use Air Force One to vacation, along with Secret Service at a rate of more than $200,000 an hour. This President has spent billions of taxpayers dollars on golf and vacations, while all the time standing in front of television cameras telling us how hard life is for the middle class. How can anyone believe that politicians on either side will ever change this lifestyle that they have all become accustomed to. Does anyone still wonder why a millionaire would want to be a politician?

Why are Americans so blind or stupid to realize what is happening and that we need to hold these people accountable for what they are doing. Most people are still arguing that the other party is the reason we are in this mess. Its not just one party people! Wake the hell up, do your homework and get involved. Stop playing that blame game and thinking your party can do no wrong. Those days are long gone. People need to wise up and work towards “REAL ” change.

Just recently, I watched “Monumental”, a film by Kirk Cameron, that is about the founding of this country. It is a film that everyone in this country should watch because it shows what the people on the Mayflower had to endure when they landed here and began to build America. It gives detailed history of the plan that was used to build a free nation, and although our leaders will tell you different, one nation built under God and his laws. Laws that were based on religious beliefs. Yes those same beliefs that we are now told, unless you are Muslim, that we can not show in public. Those same beliefs that many of the founding fathers wrote into the sides of state buildings that still exist today.I guess the point I am trying to make is that it worked back then when our ancestors ran from a  Kings rule to make them a free people. Without what they accomplished and believed in, we would not have the freedom we have today as Americans. The part of the film that most troubled me was when Kirk was talking with a gentleman about how our country has gone so far off the course that was given to us. He asked him if it was possible to get us back to our roots and save this country. The gentleman responded that our founding fathers had outlined how they built this country, on a “monument’,  and that it was fairly simple to fix this country if anyone truly wanted to, just by following the simple plan that originally made this country what it was. This monument, which the film was titled for, is in Plymouth Mass. stands some twenty or thirty feet high, and on which, is engraved the outline which was used to build this country. The reason I found this so troubling, was two fold. The first reason, sadly, is  that I, like most Americans, have never heard of  let alone seen a picture of this incredible monument. A monument which should  have been one of the most important pieces of our history. The second reason being, I found it scary that the people of this country have turned  their collective backs on the our leaders by continuing to allow them to take this country down a path that will surely lead us to a bad ending. We have allowed our leaders to little by little take our God given rights away from us, while all the time trying to tell us that it is for our own good. Just look at the Patriot act and some of the executive orders that our past and present Presidents have signed. Our government can at any time take our assets from us just by deeming a state of emergency. Who determines what the state of emergency is. Another attack like 911 and maybe they seize all our guns for government use or maybe they confiscate all the wheat in our farmers fields to do with what they deem best. It sounds unrealistic but we allowed this “law” because of our fear of terrorism.

Our federal government is suing the state of Arizona because they are trying to enforce a federal law pertaining to immigration. What we see in the press is Mexicans being handcuffed and placed in vans to be brought back to their country. We hear of Latinos being carded on the streets to see if they are here legally. We are told that it is wrong to do this and the federal government will put a stop to it. What you don’t read or hear about, unless you look for it, are the American citizens being raped and killed by the Mexican drug cartels and illegal aliens crossing the border. So when Arizona stands up and points to the Constitution and the laws of the land, and works to clean up the problem they are having, our federal government doesn’t assist them, they create “Fast and Furious” to try to scare the American people into believing that the guns the Cartels are using are being given to them from our gun makers here in the states.  But what really happened was our federal government was supplying the arms to the Cartels and when one of our own agents was killed it all came to light what was going on behind our backs. What is going on in this country? Our federal government who is sworn to protect us is doing just the opposite, and even worse, they aide the enemy.

I know, a great deal of you say that this is conspiracy theory stuff. That’s what always happens when a country puts their belief and blind faith in its leaders. Hitler started the same way. Scare enough people, give them what they need to survive and promise to take care of them and the people will flock like sheep to follow the leader. It’s happening right now, here, in this country. Scared, yes, I am scared. I didn’t think this could happen here but it is and we are watching as it as it does and many of us are riding the bandwagon thinking that the other half doesn’t know jack. When a government by the people for the people no longer exists as it “doesn’t” today, then it is only a matter of time before our God given rights will no longer be. Yes we have lost control of our government and our leaders know this, and depend on us to stay blind to it so “they” can control “us”. Don’t see it yet? How else then can they continue to steal from us, spend our money freely and live better lives than the common folk, while we all just keep voluntarily forking over more tax dollars to support the mess they create.

America has finally dumbed down. Just look around you. Everywhere you go the thing you see most is people, especially the young, thumbing a smart phone. Computers that were supposed to do great things for us have just become another way to distract us from the important things in life. While our country is changing it face, our people are changing their Face book page. While illegal aliens are helping to drain the heath care system, our people are tweeting that they are tired from partying all night. And while our President is taking time out of his busy golf schedule to appear on the “View” our countries strongest ally in the middle east, during a nuclear crisis, sits and waits for a meeting with him.

What do you believe? I just hope you believe its time to pay attention to what is changing around us. To put down the cell phone and read some unbiased news about what is happening in this country. To stand up and speak out about what is wrong and not worry about being politically correct. I hope you believe like I do that there’s nothing wrong with the Constitution and that this is the greatest country on earth, not in spite of it , but because of it!

What do you believe?

Just one man’s opinion

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8 Responses to What do you believe?

  1. Wayne Bozer says:

    When the people of a democratic society realize that they can elect leader that will give them more then they deserve (and that has been are only choice for as long as I can remember and still is) and when politician realize that is what they have to do to get elected, it become a self fulfilling prophecy, and the democratic societies become extinct.

    I remember someone saying in a documentary about our political system “that if a politician told the truth about what he would have to do to fix things that I wouldn’t even vote for him”.

    But I make stuff up!

  2. The Regular Guy says:

    yes I understand how that all works. Eventually we lose our democratic society. This seems to be the plan by the things that are taking place in this country.
    Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have someone stand out for telling the truth and just following the Constitution as it was written. All this crap about healthcare,
    wall street, 1%’s etc etc, just a diversion to keep us off the real problems. Either these guys are super smart or the American public is super dumb. I am
    putting my money on the latter.

  3. John Mondelli says:

    Until they pass something that limits the amount of money the parties can collect and spend on advertising we will always be stuck selecting someone from the Republican or Democratic party. It would be nice to be able to select a canidate from an independent campaign that does not just keep the circle going. We will never get to know that person. Think of all the money just spent on running the campaigns. Absolutely insane. Vacations gone crazy. Our First lady has so many personal assistants it is nuts. Something like 22. Every First Lady before just one assistant. Can anyone tell me what First Lady Obama does that she needs to spend so much? How can anyone vote for the current person occupying the Oval office again? 2008 His biggest promise was to cut the debt in half. He has Quadrupled our debt. Another 4 years of this spending and we will never recover. As Clint Eastwood said, When the guy isnt doing the job it is time to replace him.

  4. Vic says:

    Most people don’t pay enough attention to know what’s really happening. When I try to inform people, I’m “too political.” It’s sad. Do you mind if I copy and paste what you wrote and post it on FaceBook?

    I’ll try anything to get people to THINK.

  5. enyaw says:

    Things have gotten so bad the the President states he built my business. No freakin way. 8 years of college, student loans I paid back, and building my practice one patient at a time and now Obamacare wants me to work for less money and hard and then to pay more taxes. The way the government gets more control is to tax us until we have nothing. Then everyone has to rely on the government to support them. I would rather work hard building my own business, have tow chickens and not be required to give one chicken away because I have to. I work hard way can’t and don’t others. There is no free ride. Wake up America. This president is killing this country. The next four years will be the death of this country if the President remains in office. There is no class now…and in four years the only thing left will be the dummy class. Don’t blame anyone but yourself if you believe the untruths spoken for Obamas mouth. Rev. Wright tried to speak the truth, his best friend, Obama silenced him. enuf said.

  6. The Regular Guy says:

    Post it..I usually throw up a link to my posts but didnt with this one…go for it

  7. The Regular Guy says:

    You seem to be getter angrier and angrier about what is happening. That’s a good thing because its sometimes contagious when around people who don’t know which way to vote. I’m working everyone I meet..

  8. The Regular Guy says:

    Hey Bub..thanks for the comment. Nice to see your reading my blog. Check out this one I subscribe to http://www.mychal-massie.com. This guy is spot on with his take on the White house and it’s inhabitants. Keep up the hard work and get those votes to the right!!!

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