Lilies of the Field

Sometimes life takes you to places that make you stop for a moment and just take it all in. I know your thinking ,( “he must be talking about something like the Grand Canyon”) something big. Nope. Not this time.

Simple things in my life usually make me stop and notice. This past weekend, while visiting friends, I happened upon a small boutique in Doylestown Pa, where I couldn’t help but think this place is special. Located on a corner on main street and if not careful, you might just walk past it, Lilies was definitely one of the highlights of my visit.

A fresh take on clothing for women  and one HUGE  ( pun intended) table display for  men, the articles on sale were not what caught my attention. Arizona, a lively and attentive sales person, was standing behind the front counter when we entered and quickly offered us hot Cider and cookies. Not long after,  Jona ( the shops owner) entered the store with more fresh made cookies from a local bakery. As excited as one could be about cookies and a bakery, Jona couldn’t wait to offer the extended variety of cookies she had purchased for her store.

At this point I realized that unlike most shops along the streets of Doysletown, this one was different. Jona and Arizona’s spirit and freshness made my visit both fun and interesting, as both women seemed as if they truly liked being there. So many times you wander into stores to find sales help absent or perhaps they are off playing with their phones, and even if they acknowledge your being there, they rarely take interest in that fact. At Lilies, I felt like it was appreciated that I happened to be there and both ladies upbeat mood made the visit extremely enjoyable. I found myself waiting to hear the next interesting thing that Jona was going to say. After discussing the local bake shops fare and how much she liked it, her attention then turned to area restaurants that she would recommend for this evenings dinner. While this was happening, Arizona filled me in on the stores clothing, all  made in the USA, and some of which are from local merchants.

As I stood and listened to the conversations and laughter, I couldn’t help but think that I should use my Blog to tell people about this great little shop and the experience awaiting customers when they pass through the doors. If for nothing else, I felt compelled to do something nice for Jona since she had made both my friends and I feel so welcome.

Thanks Jona!

Just one man’s opinion..

The Regular Guy

Lilies of the Field

1 South Main

Doylestown Pa 215-348-8355


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6 Responses to Lilies of the Field

  1. Tommy V says:

    Regular Guy,

    Sounds like a really nice store. Always nice in this day and age to get great customer service. Sometimes I don’t even get a simple “Hello” or “How may I help you?” or “Have a nice day”. Is that too much to ask for? I went into a local bakery the other day, actually Sunday morning, and there was a long line as to be expected. They only had 2 counter girls working and one was on her phone texting. The other girl seemed nice enough, but when it was my turn to be waited on she looked at me and said “Yeah” and that was it. Wow, really? So it’s good to hear that there are still some places left that actually care about their customers and want you to come back.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Lea says:

    You are right on about this shop, Regular Guy. I’ve visited several times since moving to Bucks County and was greeted in a similar manner each time. The staff and proprietor genuinely care about the business, as well as the success of the town. I’m sure they will appreciate that you are spreading the word.

    Enjoyed the weekend!! 🙂

  3. DeDe says:

    Fabulous!……..Want to visit……

  4. The Regular Guy says:

    Hi Lea…Yes it was a fun weekend…thank you…I sent them a Stollen like I promised..catch u soon!!

  5. The Regular Guy says:

    hey TV…always appreciate your input and opinion. Was that the bakery in Beachwood? Do you know Frankie (dads friend from Staten Island) bought that business? I went to see him around Easter and the shop looks a hundred times nicer. Clean too! Be good man!

  6. The Regular Guy says:

    Very nice town to walk through and have a nice lunch or guys should visit

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