My letter to our Reps Feb 7, 2013

IIsent the following letter to all my local, State and Federal Representatives because I don’t believe that I can stand by and do nothing but complain about what is taking place in our country. I am not convinced that any of them will even read this letter let alone act on it, but I know if for only my own good, that I did something. I know that a lot of my friends and people I am in contact with everyday think that guns are bad and no one should own them. I can see why they feel as they do because they don’t have any desire to own one or even shoot one, but that isn’t reason enough to just go along with what is happening with our Constitutional rights. Even though I would miss shooting, I would go along with banning all guns if it meant EVERYONE would no longer have access to them. Do people really believe that our government has our best interest in mind? Why are they then exempt from all the new laws they are presenting to Congress? Perhaps because they feel they are more deserving of our rights than we are. Maybe because they believe they need the protection more than we do. For what ever reason, they shouldn’t be above the law that we would have to live by. My guess is Joe Biden feels he shouldn’t be included if only because of  his recent ridiculous comments about how he and his wife should handle a shotgun. Now HE’S one person that shouldn’t be allowed access to guns!!

Our Constitutional rights were meant to protect us not only from outside attacks on our country but also to fight tyranny from within. I know that if that time ever comes, I at least spoke up against this unfair treatment. Can you say the same?

The Regular Guy

Open letter to my Representatives:

I have been an avid gun owner and target shooter since I was a teenager and I am writing today in hopes that some or all of you are as passionate about our 2nd Amendment rights as I am. With all the talk again about gun banning, I find it necessary that I speak out against further constraints against my Constitutional Rights. I, like the vast majority of gun owners, practice safe control of our arms and do not need further legislation prevent us from legally owning guns of our choice. These new proposals and past laws have done nothing to stop the criminal element that has been present since the dawn of time. Tougher laws do nothing to protect good people from bad, but only make it easier to become a target for criminals. Its time to enforce the laws we have now and keep criminals off the streets, protect our schools if need be with trained armed professionals and don’t continue to punish good honest people with laws that protect no one. I ask that you please fight for our continued Constitutional rights, for we as a nation were built on these principals for a reason. God bless you.

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