The Portuguese Grill, Forked River, NJ

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Anna says “anything you want” and she means it. The kitchen at the grill is there to make your dinner the way you want it.

To say that Anna is accommodating is an understatement. The owner of the Portuguese Grill knows what it takes to get customers and keep them coming back. She made our “guys nite’ dinner an experience, not just a meal. Usually we head out to pubs or places where its kind of loud because 5 or 6 guys normally get a little loud and we need background to drown us out. Tonight we found ourselves pretty much alone as we dined on a Thursday nite right after the holidays have passed. Not much goes on in restaurants right after holidays as everyone is tired, broke or too full to eat another bite but we meet every month and this month would be no different .

After much joking with and ribbing,  our waitress brought us glasses for our wine and passed us to Anna who then made it clear that there would be no hurry in ordering. Our apps and a basket of warm bread was served promptly with a reminder that we could order our dinner whenever we would like. Four men sharing  two Portuguese favorite dishes,  Shrimp in Garlic and the grilled Chorizo sausage, didn’t take long to finish. Both dishes reminded all of us of the same dishes served in Newark NJ’s Ironbound neighborhood. That, if you don’t know is a good thing!

The Portuguese grill serves Filet on a stone which was to tempting to pass a try at when it came time to order. Other dishes ordered were Pork and Clams in a garlic and white wine sauce and a dish of Clams and Shrimp ( which normally has Scallops not Shrimp).  I have to say that those dishes both looked good and the Pork ( I tasted) was tender and flavorful, but the Filet stole the show this evening. So much so that the person sitting next to me kept looking over my shoulder while I cut and cooked my steak as I ate it. It was pretty cool how the hot stone cooks the beef as much or as little as you like.  Definitely a must try as it is delicious and somewhat fun to eat and as I notice on their website, it is priced $7 lower if you dine on Monday nites. Good to note for my return visit with the wife. Our dishes were accompanied with fried potato chips, sauteed mixed FRESH vegetables and beans and rice. I can’t remember the last time I saw hand cut carrots and vegetables served and the rice and beans were terrific. All in all the meal was a tremendous surprise as to how flavorful and delirious it was.

After the meal we were served complimentary dessert ( probably for all the amusement we provided the staff) and we ordered espresso and cappuccino’s to close the evening. Bring your own spirits as alcohol is not served here.

Our meal and service was exceptional and a pleasant surprise to find in Forked River NJ. Go visit the Portuguese Grill soon and mention this to Anna so she knows I kept my word about writing a good review about her restaurant.

The Regular Guy rating

* * * *

The Portuguese Grill

44 Manchester Ave.
Forked River, NJ 08731  Phone: 609-971-7100


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  1. Diane says:

    we would be going to The Portugese Grill tomorrow if we weren’t on our way to Fl, that filet sounds great.C U soon, D&P

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