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May 4 Weds

This is our first day without riding to another place and its nice to be able to relax, kick back, wake up late and take in the town for a second day.

The French quarter in the light is a mixed experience of the senses. The architecture is really something to see with its French influence, a lot of iron fences, cobblestone streets and old buildings. Its a great town to walk around, sight see, shop, eat and especially drink, which most people do the the extreme here. The thing that ruins this town is its disgustingly filthy. The odor in the streets is overpowering and hard to tell exactly where its coming from although its everywhere. Poverty and devastation is all around and New York has nothing on New Orleans when it comes to homeless. Its really too bad that with all the tourism and money spent that this town is in such bad condition. This town reminds me of a French Key West covered in stinky odor.

Today we walked down to the Mississippi river where the walls didn’t hold the flooding back. Some homeless guy put us into a tense situation when he insisted on cleaning our shoes. Not taking no for an answer he proceeded to spray what we think was water and buffing my friends boots with a dirty towel. Then after insisting on $20 he wouldn’t give change back from a $50. After some calm but forceful words, I grabbed the $50 back from him and we eventually walked away. Not good to get into it with the homeless especially with five other guys hanging close by.

Its so strange that things like this happen so close to places like the Cafe du Mond, where hundreds of people are sitting and standing while eating their famous desserts.  Well known for its Beignets and strong coffee, its way to tempting to pass by without trying some. Food in this town is everywhere and the choices keep you wanting to try food constantly, even when not hungry. Boudin, gumbo, jambalaya, oyster bars everywhere and the shrimp from the gulf waters. I know people here drink a lot but I have a hard time not eating more than not drinking.

Everywhere you go in town something strange happens. There are so many wacky and scary folks just walking around the streets that its impossible not to stumble upon something unusual.This town is so weird and more so then any other place I have ever been. How one town can make you feel both excited and scared at the same time is really obscene and a major part of the reason so many people are drawn to New Orleans.

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