Ragin Cajun’s

May 6 Thurs

Easy day today as we take off for Lafayette La. as its just 3 1/2 hrs from New Orleans and our last nights
stay in Louisiana.

Quick takes on our stay in NOLA
1. It’s stinky on Bourbon street and in the French Qtr in general.
2. Cafe du Monde makes excellent biegnets.
3. The food is phenomanal (Check out Verti Market on Royal street, you will not beleive such great tasting food a at such low prices is possible. Get the BBQ Brisket with two sides and then invite two people to share it with).
4.The Qtr is easy to navigate but scary at night off the main streets.
5. Good police presence but little interactions with the crowds.
6. There are naked women on Bourbon street.
7. There are crazies on Bourbon Street.
8. There is an ungodly amount of homeless people.
9. Still not over Katrina.
10.A must see. It’s a dirty Key West on ‘roids.

Well worth the wait to visit and definitely the current highlight of our trip. It’s a lot of fun if your 3 men because you don’t have to worry too much about your safety but 3 women should be very careful.

Lafayette provides us with our first experience eating Crawfish. We head over to a place named Don’s on Johnson Str and our waiter provides us an education on how to eat Crawfish. $5.97 will get you 3lbs of steamed Crawfish which in reality amounts to about 8 ozs of meat, but a very tasty 8 ozs.Beers are 2 for 1 and my Catfish and shrimp dish is all you can eat tonight. Really good food!

Tomorrow we head out for Texas.

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