First Scare

Sunday May 15

We leave Nashville early Sunday morning and no more than 10 minutes in we have a moment of fear.

As the three of us make our way onto the highway one of us gets separated  and we lose sight of him. The first thing we do is pull off to the side of the highway and try to figure out whats happening.

We both take out our phones and wait for a call from our friend who is still nowhere in sight. By now we figure we are about a mile away from where we last saw him, so we figure to give him 10 minutes to call us. As the time passes we begin to think the worst and pray we are wrong, but decide to circle back in hopes that he will be waiting where we last saw him. That is usually the best way to get everyone back together, especially if the person who is separated doesn’t know the route or roads well. Just as we get ready to leave I se him in the distance making his way to us. First thought is he’s not hurt and okay enough to be riding his bike. Turns out his wallet and cell phone flew off the bike onto the highway at which point he pulled to the side and ran out onto the highway and got them. Truck 1- Phone 0. but the wallet survives and more important our friend is safe and unharmed.

The roads from Nashville to and thru North Carolina are the best ones yet. We navigate to the Cherahola Skyway which by far is the best motorcycle road we have driven on the whole trip. Curves and switchbacks, long well paved straightaways and climbs that take us to heights of 6000 feet above sea level. Spectacular views of the surrounding states, dams, waterfalls and trees as far as the  eyes can see. Really a great road for motorcycles but one that you white knuckle most of the way just trying to stay on the roadway as you climb and descend the tight turns throughout the mountains.

We reach our destination in Robbinsville North Carolina safely, a little cold but in one piece with the scare of the trip behind us. Tomorrow we head further east and north to Deals Gap NC and the Tail of the Dragon.

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