The Dragons Tail

May 16 Monday

One of the best things about traveling thru America is all the small towns you pass thru, the people you meet that live there and the overall friendliness that they have or motorcyclists.

Our living room!

Robbinsville NC is such a town and if you blink you might just pass thru it and never notice but this town happens to be located just 20 mins south of the famous biker destination “The Dragons Tail”. With a population of less than a couple of thousand, you wouldn’t expect mush in the way of accommodations or  restaurants, but you will be surprised. I thought I was renting a motel room an I arrive and find an apartment with two bedrooms an a full kitchen, all for less than most hotel rooms we stayed in.

Dinner tonight was Mexican and the best Taco’s al Pastor, I have ever had. Amazing to me how you find great places in such small towns. The Mexican owned restaurant featured authentic food not the tradition fare like you would see on the menu of Chili’s. I wish I could remember the name of both places, I’ll check back and add it in later. Also check out Nana’s and Papa’s for breakfast. Very friendly owner and biker must stop!

Tree of shame at the Tail

Anyway, we head out the next day for the Tail and I for one have no interest in riding it. I feel like everyone does it because they have to challenge themselves and prove they can do it.  I don’t need the challenge and hate these types of roads because they drain you and really aren’t enjoyable to ride because you have to concentrate s much. Talk about white knuckles! So two of us take the challenge because only one wants to do it but needs the company of the second, I guess so he’ll have someone he can talk about the ride to. They survive and nothing of theirs is placed in the “Tree of Shame!” Way to go ED!!!!

As it turns out, the next road out is called Hellbender, and its more of the same white knuckle riding for some 20 mile. Blind turn after blind turn until it breaks lose into a wide open three lane highway with no one but us to travel on. Man this was the most fun today. Riding at 70 mph and nothing to worry about but open road and fantastic overlooks all around.

We pull into Asheville late but again the good Lord looks down on us and brings us home safely.

Tomorrow we visit Mayberry and the home of Andy Griffith!

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