Mt Airy NC and Floyd the Barber

Tuesday  May  17

Mt Airy North Carolina

The roads from Robbinsville start out like the Dragons Tail as they are filled with twists and turns but we handle them well until we run into a tractor trailer hauling logs down the mountain right in front of us! We move at a snails pace but know we must be cautious just in case those logs cut loose. There isn’t any way to pass the truck so we lay back and wait until he reaches a shoulder and allows us to move on. We have dealt with hundreds of semi’s along our way and everyone of them were very aware of our presence and most went out of the way to allow us the road. Unlike a lot of motorists who sometimes made us feel like they were trying to hit us.

Coming out of this mountain the road opened up and we made up for the lost time quickly. Mt Airy is the birthplace of Andy Griffith and we planned to spend some time in the town that is known as Mayberry in honor of the television show. We arrive and strip off our rain gear and head to the first place we find for some hot soup and lunch. Our waitress Samantha greets us and answers all our questions about the town and what we should see while there. Her husband, who also works there, cooked up our lunch and also filled us in on some town tidbits. Both went out of there way to accommodate us and make us feel at home, with good ‘ol southern hospitality. Make it a point to stop in, have lunch, chat it up with them both and mention we sent you. Thanks again Sammie (:

Floyd’s Barber Shop Mt Airy NC

One of the favorite characters in the show, anyone and everyone who watched the Andy Griffith Show knows very well who Floyd is. In this town, Russell Hiatt had manned the barber shop until just recently when he passed away but everyone who comes to visit can meet his son Bill, who will tell you the story of Russell and the shop. Bill spent an hour with us talking about the shop, his dad and then about where we come from and our thoughts on 911, being that we had ties to NYC and what happened. Bill posts pictures of visitors to a FB page “Floyd the Barber” everyday in honor of the people who take time out of their life to visit and share their memories of the town of  Mayberry. Our time spent with Bill was one of the highlights of our trip and I appreciate the time he spent with us.



There are buildings in Mt Airy that are replicas of the show. The sheriffs office and jail, the garage where Gomer Pyle worked and others. There are tours given by police cars from the 50’s and everyone in the town seems to enjoy all the attention the town receives because of it once well known inhabitant, Andy Griffith. One thing we found a little upsetting was we were told that Andy Griffith made the town pay him to come home for the naming of a highway in his honor. I hope that wasn’t true.

Sheriffs office

Jailhouse. Wheres Barney?

Prepare to spend a least full one day to take in all the town has to offer especially its inhabitants and all they have to offer in the way of stories about the town and all that has happened over the years. Visiting here was like taking a time capsule back to when I was younger to find myself walking the streets of Mayberry. I couldn’t help but feel that Barney Fife was going to stroll by me at the next corner.

Time to hit the road again as we are only about halfway to our destination so we are off to Asheville NC for dinner and a nites stay.


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4 Responses to Mt Airy NC and Floyd the Barber

  1. What I really love about your trip is that you take the time to connect. Connect with the people, the place. Enjoy the nuances of a place. You learn what makes it special. I always say that it is not the sight you go see in a certain place but the people that make the place special. That is what I love about going to Italy. It is the people. The police person, the waiters, the chef, the store owner, the farmer, the owner of the B&B. Great job translating that for us Rob. Love the stories.

  2. Your absolutely correct. The ride itself is one thing, sometimes hard but always rewarding when traveling so many miles but it was the connection with the people that made the trip so good. Thanks for your support and kind words, and for following me on my adventure!

  3. Samantha says:

    You are welcome Rob! Come back to Down Home anytime, it was a joy to have y’all!!

  4. Thanks to both you and your husband for the hospitality and good food!

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