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vette-3My dad had some cool cars. In my early years I can’t remember much detail but I do know now that the cars he owned then are pretty hot items now.  like I said I can’t remember details but the first one I know was a Covair. Back then they were a hot item. Now they are really rare and highly collectible. Those cars were labeled death traps by Ralph Nader because the rear engines didn’t hold up too well to impact from behind in an accident. They only made them for a few years but he did have one.

The second one didn’t last too long either. I think it was a 1963 maybe 1964 Chevy Impala.  That Aquamarine Blue color with Blue interior. Probably a 327 engine, definitely bucket seats. That car was stolen one night which I assume didn’t make him too happy. I think the next one was a Pontiac Grand Prix. Not too shabby with that big 400 cu engine.  The last one I recall would be the 1972 Buick Rivera. He called it the Batmobile because of that rear window. I just saw one in a Jason Statham movie last week that was a Rust color and hopped up. Made me want to search eBay for one and do it up with the new tech stuff available today.

Me being the Regular Guy that I am,  began my love affair with cars real early.  My very first impressionable car was a 1969 Camaro. I knew right away I wanted one of those. I remember the striped hood and the sound that it made as it passed me. It was probably a Z/28 as I would find out later. Lucky guy that I am, I found, owned and restored two of them. It was quite a thing to get my hands on the car I always wanted, not once but twice.  Those two cars were unlike any other ones I have owned. The engines were pretty amazing. Little 302 engine could really push some ponies. They were said to have 290 horses but felt more like 350 or so. Not too good on low rpms but get them up high and they revved forever. Such a cool sound from that engine. I loved those cars, but they always needed fine tuning and were pretty shitty on gas. They did look good though and they did real well on resale. Made good profits on both, but wish I still had that second one today. Sold it for 12 grand in the late 90’s but could have gotten a hell of a lot more if I held it just a few years more.  Still the great memories live on.

Don’t tell me the Regular Guy doesn’t love his cars. Just look at how advertisers sell cars. Very sexy ads I would say, especially the foreign models. Growing up everyone of my friends had great rides. I bet they wish they had them back now. Lets see, ’70 Roadrunner, ’70 454 SS Chevelle, ’64 Vette, ’69 SS 396 Chevelle, ’70 Nova, and even the later model Trans Ams were sweet.  A Lot of Muscle Cars back then that sold for $2500 in primo condition. We used to think that was so much money. I guess it was when you were in High School and earning a couple of bucks washing pots and pans at Perkins.

Today I still have that love of fast cars, especially the old Muscle Cars. I drive a ’73 Vette now that isn’t quite my favorite but is a really clean and smooth running example. Always did like my Chevy’s though.  I can’t seem to break the habit and reach out for another brand.  I might be tempted though as some of the old body styles of the lesser models are starting to look real attractive at lower prices. The thing is guys like Chip Foose are taking cars that I never would have looked at, like the Ford Fairlane and turning them into great looking rides. Time to trade in that Vette and build something unique to me. You gotta admit that those old rides look and run really good with today’s modern engines, wheels, brakes, air conditioning and such added to them. The great styles and body lines with today’s technology is a can’t miss deal.

Let me hear about some of your past and present rides. Later!

The Regular Guy

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