What gift do you buy the Regular guy?

Some one tell me why in Gods name would ANYONE, man or woman buy a candle for a man? Does a person stand in the middle of a chachki store with scented candle in hand with a smile on their face and say” Wow, Joe is going to love this!”

Men don’t do well with gifts. I can understand now what my dad went through all those years for birthdays and Christmas. How hard it must have been for him to smile when inside he was probably thinking” What the hell am I going to do with this singing fish?”

Men don’t do well with gifts especially when women buy them. Not always but most often true, women don’t get us in life, so picking gifts for us is just nuts. Most of us have everything we want, unless its too expensive to buy, which means we aren’t going to get that as a gift from someone else!

So what do you buy for the Regular guy? Probably nothing. Unless you pay attention to what he does in life and especially in his spare time, then nothing works better that a gift card.

In closing, perhaps an example of such a tragic gift story would be fitting. This is what happens when, not one, but two women engage in what they believe is the perfect gift for yours truly.

At some time in my past I mentioned that I always wanted a small pair of binoculars. One that I could easily carry, you know, like to the beach to check out bikini clad women ( What? Were you thinking I was going to say for a sporting event!). So armed with this information, my wife sets out to buy me the gift I always wanted!  UNFORTUNATELY, she shopped at a store that a woman she knows owns and this woman proceeded to talk her out of the small pair of binoculars. She instead, thought that a singular monocular would be much better for me. So, that Christmas, I got half the gift I always wanted!!

To be honest, in the end I did get my binoculars about two years and three gift occasions later but I figure you get the point. This past year I started a list with details like brand names, model numbers, colors, and even a contact person from which to buy these gifts. Not bad huh? Get to it guys……Merry Christmas!

Just one man’s opinion…

The Regular Guy

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4 Responses to What gift do you buy the Regular guy?

  1. TommyV says:

    Hey Regular Guy,

    Couldn’t agree you with you more. Got some questionable gifts over the years, not so much from my wife, but others. For example, a sweatshirt that has a real mean looking dog on the front and says “Now this is Attitude!”. If you know me just a little bit, it’s not at all “me”. Sure I wore it, but only around the house. Gift cards are the best way to go, just make sure it’s a store you know they would like. Usually now, when a gift occasion is coming up, my wife and I just tell each other to get our own gifts and this way we will avoid any problems. Maybe a little something else we would get as a suprise, but the main gift someyhing we shopped for ourselves. I know people who thinks that odd or not romantic, but it works for us and so what anyway.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the input TV..I always look forward to reading your comments…be good Bubba

  3. Vic says:

    Gift cards!!!! Visa gift cards work great if you’re not sure what stores I like.

  4. admin says:

    I like the avatar pic…

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