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( the following was contributed by a friend..thanks)

I went to PNC to see John Mayer last night. Sound was OK but loud. I couldn’t really hear vocals clearly yet the crowd knew every word and they were ready to party. Now to my point. It was like eye candy. Young high school and college girls all tan, wearing short shorts, tank tops or sundresses, laced with coconut tan lotion and smelling great. As men, we are so turned on by that and the girls just strut their stuff without thought. They hang in groups, laugh, giggle and boy watch. So my question is” does anyone wonder why young girls so often get pregnant or date raped?”  Don’t the parents of these young women check out what their daughter is wearing and educate them on what message they are sending to men of ALL ages, prior to them going out in public? As fathers, we know what men think when they see this, and we should insist that our daughters don’t make this mistake, even if  innocent, by dressing in this manner. Temptation is always present and most men know their limitations, both morally and legally, but unfortunately some don’t, and these are the ones who young girls need to be aware of. It’s as if the girls play this head game, but they know exactly what they are doing. It was like a boob-fest. Hang them out but if a man looks he’s a jerk or pervert. There was a time when this was inappropriate behavior and society, let alone parents, would not accept this from young ladies. Add alcohol to this equation and now you have the perfect setting for trouble. Parents seem to have forgotten just how naive we were at this age and how important, especially in today’s world it is to be aware of the message our young people are putting out there. My feeling is this is just one more example of how liberal and accepting our nation has become.

a High School senior on her way to the prom( See The Dress That Got A High-School Senior Arrested

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  1. TommyV says:

    Good points. My 10 year old son all ready is wanting to know about sex and when he can have it! He watches wrestling and the Divas they have on there now just flaunt everything. He runs up to the TV and pretends he is massaging their boobs. He even says things like”She’s so hot” and so forth. I ask him where he learned to talk like that and he says “school”. Times have changed, that’s for sure. Perhaps the way TV and music nowadays have alot to do with it. Girls in the 80’s dressed like Madonna and everyone thought that was way to much. I can’t believe how some of the girls dress that are in grade school. They look like little street hookers for heaven’s sake. Then I see how there mother is dressed, and it’s really no wonder. I don’t know if it’s ever going to get better.

  2. Freaking Muslims are permeating our western European psyche, influencing us in a most undesirable way. Women, not girls, but women… should be ogled, should be drooled over, should be flirted with and in some more enlightened cultured should be gently pinched (you heard me pinched) on their sweet and juicy love onions (asses). Women should be respected and worshiped but that should not preclude us from celebrating and enjoying the differences between us. Don’t put women in a black sack (screw that shite) don’t wrap women up in Mormon, Amish, Victorian era garb. Show us some skin. Show us those feminine curves that keep then human race going. We (men) are not damn dogs. Any sack of crap who ever pushes himself on a women should have his cock chopped off, literally…with a machete…I’ll gladly do it. If those pussies (figuratively speaking)ACLU assholes don’t like it, chop theirs off too. They’re screwing up the country anyway…better off without them. Back to my rant, showing some skin and acting a little sexy doesn’t give anyone, male or female, the right to “touch”. Looking is free, to touch you need permission.

    As for the age thing, well yeah one would think that moms and dads would encourage their kids to “mature a little more slowly” for their own sakes but, the principle of being comfortable being a sexual and sexy creature is sound.

    Alcohol and drugs never help. Execute all drug dealer *PERIOD* No jail, no nothing. Death sentence. Cheapest form of execution possible.
    Ladies, tall, short, skinny, meaty show us your goods! You make the world go round.

    Men, have fun looking but keep your dicks in your pants UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO TOUCH.

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