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The Great Divide

This morning I woke early and had some extra time to kill before going off to work, so I opened Facebook to see if anything interesting was posted. Maybe I should have looked at Instagram instead! A long time friend … Continue reading

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How to Handle Stress: The Essential Elements

The following is a copy of an article written by my sister and posted on http://www.deeper meditation.net. I hope this will help you deal with the stress we incur everyday. How often do you exclaim, “I’m so stressed out!”? Stress … Continue reading

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Life as we know it…..

Some one once said” Life is what happens while your busy planning for it.” Maybe it wasn’t exactly that but close enough. So how is it that we get so involved in planning our lives that we miss most of … Continue reading

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Just one mans opinion…from a friend

( the following was contributed by a friend..thanks) I went to PNC to see John Mayer last night. Sound was OK but loud. I couldn’t really hear vocals clearly yet the crowd knew every word and they were ready to … Continue reading

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High blood pressure, P90x and my path to a better me

Q: What time is it when your doctor says you have high blood pressure? A: My guess was “it’s P90x time!” As every regular guy knows, age tends to make us less of a man in some places and more … Continue reading

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Heartbreak again

What is it with being a fan of a sports team that when they lose we feel like we were there on the field with them. Being a fan for so many years ( thirty nine to be exact) of … Continue reading

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How I lost my smile…

I wake up most days thinking that I will relive the last day over again. Just like in Ground Hog day, the movie, where Bill Murray awakes each day to the same thing over and over again. There’s a moral … Continue reading

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Chasing my tail or how the list never ends

Everyone has one. Everyone I know at sometime in their life creates one. Everyone who works and has some kind of responsible position should have one. Every mom has one. I have one. Make that more than one. Yeah, I … Continue reading

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