Affairing Down…Part II

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It has always been my belief that men cheat because they are weak. Period!. We all get tested at some point and we all know that once we pull the trigger, there is no going back. I think that down deep most of the cheats don’t care if they get caught, because I would say they believe they have good reason. Not so much the one time cheat, but the flagrant ones like Tiger and now Arnold. Those men knew exactly what they were doing and in their mind they were okay with it. I can’t see how any man who cheats and feels remorse, can go back over and over and sometimes even lead a double life. Let’s face it, if we all thought we would never get caught, a very high percentage of us would do it. WE have never really lost that “caveman” in us, but have seemingly learned how to control it. After all, being in a civilized society makes us. As for why we seem to “affair down”, which clearly is the case with Arnold (even though Maria isn’t really that good looking), I can’t figure it out. You would think that we would “make it count ” so at least if we were caught, our spouse could understand the temptation behind it. But what does a spouse think when she sees the other woman is a “double bagger”! That must really freak them out. Anyway, as a man I can always understand why a guy cheats, but I can’t always condone it. Yes I did write that. Only because I understand how frustrating it is to have a partner that won’t meet you at least half way to satisfy your sexual desires. When a woman hears you asking for more of her and she gives you less or even worse, ignores your pleas, then yes I can condone it. It always befuddles me when a woman turns a deaf ear to her partner then acts all surprised and hurt when he strays. Maybe leaving the relationship is the best way but most men are afraid to do that, more so when children are involved. So they stray to find the missing intimacy or sex but still want to keep the family they have intact.

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  1. admin says:


    Yes, please go ahead and post my question on your site. I know a lot of women who have wondered why this happened to them, especially after seeing the other woman. Usually the reaction is something along the lines of “With HER? REALLY? HER?!? WTF!”

    I think you made some very good points. Women cheat these days just as much (if not very close) as men do. But then they’re surprised if they find out their man has gone elsewhere to get some affection. A huge part of a relationship is sex. Otherwise you just have a friendship. I do not condone cheating either, male or female. But I also agree with you that if we (as in people, not just men) could get away with it, we’d probably at least try to! It just baffles my mind when I hear of a woman being cheated on with a “double baggar”. (I like that term – I get what it means but hadn’t heard it before.) The times I personally know of when a woman has done the cheating, she has “traded up”. I wonder why it’s more likely for women cheaters to “trade up” (which, if you’re going to commit that deplorable act, you’d think would be the only logical direction), but many men “trade down”. Even the CEO of disgusting conceded that a good majority of the men who use his site admit the women they cheat with are not as good looking as their wives/girlfriends. So is it just because they want some “strange”? Also, there was a well-documented study not too long ago that concluded only 12% of male cheaters would say the other woman was as good looking or better looking than their primary partner. So perhaps cheating has little to nothing to do with looks. Perhaps it’s more about ego and how the other woman makes the man feel?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question!

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