It sucks! Now go away

Does every waiter have to ask how everything is less than five minutes after they serve you? Do they not eat out themselves? Can they at least watch you to see if your mouth is full BEFORE they ask you?

Look, all you need to do is walk by me once in awhile and if I need something, or “the food sucks”, I will get your attention. Is the food so bad in these places that waitresses have to ask you how everything is? Shouldn’t it just be fine? After all, it is what we expect when we eat out. I don’t go out thinking “hit or miss, I hope this food’s good”. And one more thing. Tell me your name. That’s not reserved for costly restaurants. That way when you disappear, I can ask the next waiter to find you, just in case “it sucks”.

Just one man’s opinion

The Regular Guy

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4 Responses to It sucks! Now go away

  1. Vic says:

    Man, you’re gettin’ cranky in your old age. 😉

    You’re right,though. I often have to answer the “how is everthing” question with, “I’ll let you know after I take a bite.” Or with a hand signal when my mouth is full.

  2. enyaw says:

    Your picture shows a pretty women waitress. It has been my experience that both male and female waiters do exactly the same thing. Perhaps their training instructor was forced “how is everything” down their throats. Even the managers now walk around and do a follow up “how is everything”. I never remember this being done at the Pampered Pirate in Barnegat……………..

  3. Jason says:

    Yes, they do have to come by and ask you. It’s called customer assurance and most restaurants require the server to do just that. I know what you mean about having a mouthful of food when approached or being overly-attentive but if you have ever worked in a stuffy corporate place you’d know that the managers are strict on this point. It’s not because the server is a moron, it’s usually because the managers are relentless pricks that know better than everyone else.

  4. admin says:

    hey thanks for the input..sorry I didn’t respond sooner but my site was down for some time. I hear you about the bosses and I get it too, but the wait-person needs to pick the proper time to pop the question. Sounds like you have all too much experience with bad management!
    The Regular Guy

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