Daddies little girl

Kim is at it again. Another naked selfie. Anything to get attention from social media I guess but what I feel when I look at that is disgust

I don’t consider myself a staunch conservative but maybe the older I get I might have to reconsider my thinking. I just can’t help but wonder  why we have, as a country, come to this acceptance of such immoral behavior from our ” children”. Yes, Kim is someones daughter and as a father, I can’t imagine how a parent could accept such behavior from a child of theirs. I know shes an adult but when is enough enough? Has it come to how much attention someone can garner is more important than self respect. I have seen pictures of women tastefully posing naked and maybe I could even see the potential art in her last pic but it wasn’t done for such reasons.

We as a society used to hold our children to higher standards and expect that they wouldn’t shame the family name. How any father could be proud of his ” little girl” for posing naked for social media is beyond me. Is there nothing she won’t do for attention? I know her dad has passed on and maybe if he were still alive she might have grown up differently. God only knows shes not getting any good advice from MRS JENNER!!!

Just one man’s opinion

The Regular Guy




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2 Responses to Daddies little girl

  1. Vic says:

    Hey Rob. I was just thinking last night that you hadn’t posted a Regular Guy in quite a while and I woke up to this. Hmmm.

    Anyway,I completely agree with you on this. No surprise.

    Hope all is well with you guys.

  2. The regular guy says:

    Hey Vic. ..didnt know you were still around here..good to hear from you. I guess I have writers block. Lol

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