Open letter to Donald Trump

I am a 57 year old white male who grew up middle class without a spoon in my mouth, and worked for all I have today, who believed since I was old enough to say my first pledge of allegiance, that this country was special.

I am writing to you today because I am one of the millions of people who you speak of that no longer have a voice in this country. I have been watching since the first Bush was president, how our country was being slowly changed right before our eyes. No longer was it special to be American.  Corporate America and our elected officials have been moving this country away from the working class to form a country run by and for the elite. The worst part of it all is that the press, who were supposed to be the eyes and ears of people, were no longer telling us the truth.

After years of disbelief in what I was seeing politically, especially the last eight years, I believed this country was changing forever. No politician will ever change what has been going on because it suits them not to. This is why McCain, Romney and the rest don’t want any part of what you are saying. It would make no difference to any in Washington, if we lose our Constitutional rights, our borders that are sieves or if racism is ever addressed honestly.

And then you came along. It was like all my thoughts were finally heard. You spoke candidly and honestly about our country and how it is headed away from all it was built on. The open borders, the politicians taking millions and doing what the corporations not the people wanted and last, all the corruption.

I watch you religiously now and I have to say that I am worried about your approach and how you sometimes move off the issues to respond to the press and Hillary Clinton. No one knows better than you that the press will never change how they come after you so why then, do you continue to point this out? Everyone who believes in you already knows this. Everyone who is deciding to vote for you is tired of hearing it. They feel you are thin skinned. It makes no sense to remove yourself from the issues because it’s your strength. You are giving the left and all who doubt you the ammunition they need to defeat you.

I watched you speak at the podium in Mexico and also the last four times when you addressed only the issues and your plans for how you will fix this great country. You spoke like the President we all know you can be. That is the Donald Trump we all need to see day in and day out. You don’t need to convince your faithful, you need to convince your doubters!

Ronald Regan once gave a speech A Time for Choosing. It was and remains today one of the finest speeches about being American and what it means, that was ever written. It reminds me of today and the challenges we are facing not from Communism but from the divide in our own country. This divide is breaking up America from within and to heal it, is a challenge greater than any. Our country has lost its way and our leaders are allowing it. I know they are not stupid people so the only other reason it could be is intentional.

You are our voice. You are America’s last hope at restoring our countries values, safety and pride. This country is on the verge of electing a liar, thief and perhaps the most corrupt representative America has ever known and the press and the people are letting it happen.

So today I ask you for this Mr. Trump. Keep showing us President Trump. Speak of when you are elected, not if.. Stay on point as you are so right about all you speak of about America. Stop fighting the press, Hillary and the Republican Party who we all don’t believe in anyway. It makes no difference now what they say, only what YOU say. You have reached the millions and millions of Americans that have been praying for someone who they can believe in again. Ronald Regan did this without throwing stones, so to can you. This country needs you now. It needs to heal and be one America like never before. The days of old politics can finally be behind us. Thank you, Mr. Trump for doing this for us and for America.

Just One Man’s Opinion

The Regular Guy

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4 Responses to Open letter to Donald Trump

  1. Vic says:

    Right on, as usual. I hope he reads this.

  2. Teri says:

    Hey Bob,
    It all sounds so hopeful when you address it like this. I also thought that I would vote for Trump, but I cannot say I enjoy listening to the way he fights back. His name calling of other candidate for one, actually addressing the persons physical appearance. His untrue accusations about someone and their father. Making fun of a woman because he didn’t like what she asked and approaching it by making fun of her and saying it was her time of the month(and not so nicely either). Just dismissing her! I also wonder what type of a president would fire so many advisors as he has done of his campaign managers. I had high hopes for Trump but he like all other polititions says things that are not always true to get elected. He also reminds me of the times when we had internment camps and put innocent people in them,out of fear. We have a tough road ahead. I will vote for Trump because Hillary is another Obama administration. I don’t think Trump will win because all the people that get taken care of by the government know this will be greatly decreased so they are voting for Hillary. Besides that she pretty much has the electrol college wrapped up. This is a very sad election. Thanks Bob for your hopeful insight.
    Teri (just a regular person)

  3. Thanks Vic. Not sure it would do much good if he does..I’m sure I’m not the first to express this to him!

  4. Hi Teri.. his choice of words are often not very nice and why he does it seems childlike and makes me shake my head in disbelief. It is my hope that he surrounds himself with great minds and is truly a transparent President as our current one promised he would be. I want aPresident that believes in the Constitution and American exceptionalism.Wby do people who want to change this country stay here? Why not just go somewhere else more like what the desire. It’s because with all our problems we are still the greatest country on earth and our Constitution is the reason for such. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. Your the best!

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