The End of the World as we know it….or NOT!

Inauguration day is upon us and as some might now believe, so too is the collapse of America.

Eight years ago I began a journey of hopelessness and despair at the thought of Barrack Obama becoming our President. After years of forming a doomsday opinion of the direction in which our country was heading I wake up today in not such bad shape after all. I guess you could say that I learned a very valuable lesson after watching this round of the Presidential process.

As most Americans do during the election years, we stress over the fact that our candidate might lose and with that how our lives will never be the same. Our Constitutional rights will be trampled on. Signs on our public bathrooms will never be quite the same. Tax on the internet. The list goes on and everyone of us takes up issue with something on opposition’s card.

We have grown more and more divided with each passing election and this past years process, has done little to change that. Friends and family members have cut ties  or at the very least argued right and wrong, while standing up for their choice. I can say from experience that a few people “unfriended” me on FaceBook because of my beliefs. It’s quite common, that when two people are expressing different views, that the conversation  gets heated.

There aren’t many things in life that create such fervor as politics. And why do we all feel as if the end of life as we know it is right around the corner each time we elect the opposite party of our choice. Not everyone and probably more people than I care to think, don’t give a second thought to who runs our local government let alone our country. Most people who vote do so because they have strong opinions and feelings about how this country should look, whether that be more liberal or conservative, and fewer and fewer of us find a way to the center.

As I follow more along conservative lines of belief, I find it harder and harder to vote since no one who has recently run, has represented such. So it is has been that which such conservative beliefs, that I stressed so mightily over the past decade or more waiting for my preferred choice for president. That being said, I remain in wait, hoping that someday my wishes will come true. But now as the imaginary darkness that loomed over me all this time, I breathe a sigh of relief, albeit a very small one.

As I sat and watched history unfold, this time I heard the same doomsday predictions coming from the Trump opposition as I did from the anti Obama camp in the past. Even last night at a party I attended, I was called one of the “idiots” because of the way I voted. Funny I found it to be, because the person who said it wasn’t even American. This person who resides in the great white north, has a very strong opinion of America and it’s political system. She is not alone though, as many Canadians follow very closely the goings on in America, because so much of what happens here affects their own way of life ( the value of the dollar for instance).

So now its my turn to watch as so many get stressed over what may happen in our great country. But if one stops and gives thought to their life, the majority of us will see that with all  that goes on in Washington, not much affects us as we believe it will. That’s not saying that all the little changes will not one day change this country. The have and they will continue to do so. Hopefully we will continue to elect the opposite of status quo every 4-8 years so nothing will ever drastically change the face of this nation.

One thing that should anger most if not all Americans, is the lack of “real “change that every politician promises. Our inner cities are worse than ever, the highest murder rates in history being recorded. Our food we eat is poison and yet our own government continues to allow this to happen. Medicine and health care continues to be an issue as  does Social Security, while all the time politicians are not affected by such. So when then is enough enough already. Is it now? Did we elect someone from the outside who will really blow up DC and rebuild it for and by the people as promised? Or are we just on a different hamster wheel surrounded by smoke and mirrors and filled only with illusions of better days ahead.

I for one, am done with thoughts of the looming doomsday. I will no longer let politicians and DC dictate to me how to live my life. I will slide by quietly and look only for the best of what America has to offer. As I traveled last year with two friends by motorcycle across 9 states, I learned that not all of America is what politicians and the news media proclaim it to be. We are not as divided as we might be led to believe. The average working class American doesn’t care what color or ethnicity you are as long as you treat them with the same respect you would want for yourself. We all just want our little piece of the American dream and to be left alone to enjoy it. The people of this country is the best of what America has to offer.

America was built on the freedom of choice and the rights to express these freedoms. As long as we don’t lose touch with that and learn to respect others rights to such we will never have to face the end of the world as we know it. Things, as some say, are never as bad as they seem at first glance. Given my last decade of experience in waiting for the hammer to drop, I can say that this statement is true. Life after elections go on and as long as that sun comes up every day we all have something to be grateful for.

Here’s to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Just one man’s opinion

The Regular Guy

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4 Responses to The End of the World as we know it….or NOT!

  1. Donn Shaw says:

    Dear Regular Guy,

    I consider myself to be your very very dear friend, as well as your lifelong brother. I can say that and this last year there were times when I was concerned but like you I figured I know this guy, he’s cool, and I trust him . So after reading your small soliloquy here, I tip my hat to you for using the intelligence that I always knew you had, and even though we disagree on much, I still love you man and I respect the hell out of you.

  2. It’s all good my brother! Can’t let political views dictate friendships. There’s much more important and meaningful things that make you and I who we are and keep us as close as we have been all these(wow)years!

  3. Sam P says:

    Truthfully, I never comment on politics because I have seen in my years that my opinion gets me into arguements that I don’t want to be in to start with. I have hid my voice in fear of loosing amazing friends who differ in my opinion. I have kept quiet this whole election and I find it increasingly harder to remain quiet because I see horror happening before my eyes. I see people viciously attacking children, mothers and many more (on both democratic and republican sides) I see people tearing apart towns. For what? One man? The divide grows stronger because of people’s intolerance to others beliefs. For example I am pro-life for MYSELF. I have never once judged anyone who has chosen differently nor would I ever be mad at someone for being pro-choice. Why is that wrong? Why can I accept others and others can’t except me. I am Catholic I love god but I can’t say I do because that is offensive to others who aren’t? I’m not offended by my friends who have different faiths. Why is my faith the one that is wrong to love? As a woman reading the blog I have to say I never once felt threatened by Trump. Has he said some crazy things absolutely and I understand why people could be outraged, but the the magnitude it has become is something I can’t grasp. He is a man that is human like us, he is not being prompted to say all the right things like all politicians have in the past. Does everyone really think that our past presidents have NEVER said anything crude or hurtful? What I find disturbing though is the amount of women who have found rights that I’m unaware I don’t have. I’m confused on what rights as women that we don’t have, is there something men have that I don’t. I work with men and women, my pay is the same as are my benefits, we are equals. I also would have loved to support the march but again it’s nothing I believe in, because the reality of the march was to burn Trump not to empower women. The same women who marched were the same women who complained to their friend a week ago about how dare her date not pick up the bill. In order to truly be a fementist you have to also take on those roles as well as many women don’t understand that. Many have stated said that this is the end of the world as pointed out in the blog title, another point I don’t understand. Why because he made some comments about women that I’m pretty sure every teenage boy or man has made at least once in his life? I’m tired of others telling people what’s right and what’s wrong! I’ll end on the note of this for all who are opposing him.. you can’t forgive him for comments between friends that he didn’t know was being recorded BUT you want us to forgive Madonna (Who stated willingly in front of hundreds of thousands) for her terroistist comments? Funny how when the shoe is on the other foot you become the one begging for forgiveness you refusingly gave to him. At the end of the day WE ARE HUMAN, we say things we shouldn’t have and we apologize, because guess what not one single person isn’t guilty of hurting someone’s feelings. With that being said he has control but the reality is WE have the control on how we want to be as humans! Be kind, be understanding of others as you would want to be understood. That’s true power because in the end he may be the president but we are the people!

  4. That was awesome. I loved that last line too. Its true and the people spoke loud and clear this election. I’m proud of the woman you are. You have strong convictions but are tolerant and understanding of others opinions. In today’s world that is rare. You may have to bend to society and all you don’t agree with but never, ever compromise your beliefs just to get along with others.

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