Bring God back in style

I know its not fashionable to talk about God let alone believe in such a being, but isn’t it about time we do?

I have never considered myself a devoted Catholic and as my parents can tell you, they had to force me to attend church when I was young. Even so, whose parents didn’t have to force their child to attend church? Kids don’t have any interest in God except that we are told we HAVE to believe in him. Parents actually “put the fear of God ” in you all the time. Think of all the things you did or thought of doing as a kid that you didn’t at some point think about the consequences before carrying out that deed.

So as children we don’t take God or our religion seriously. After all we are too busy just trying to hang with our friends and have fun. Sure, in the back of our minds we think of God and what we are taught and I am sure many of us have not done things we could have if not for our conscience and the thought of God looking down on us and remembering this ill advised move, on judgement day.

So where does that bring me in today’s world. I can tell you that in the last few years, I have recognized what is going on in our culture and that I am totally disgusted and quite frankly scared stiff about the direction we are headed.

America was founded on religious principals. People fled religious persecution to be in America where our Constitution and Bill of Rights demanded freedom of religion to all Americans. So what happened? Our government has been systematically removing religion from our culture. What was once the backbone of our civilization has now become the target for removal by our leadership, from government buildings and interior walls to textbooks and schools.

Where we have turned our backs most notably is in our entertainment media of television and film. It often disgusts me at most and makes me shake my head at minimum, in disbelief, the things we now accept as normal in film but more so in television.

When I was a young child and even so today, I found it very uncomfortable to hear or see something objectionable on television while in the company of my parents. Today I feel the same way when in the company of my daughter, even that she is in her thirties. How is it that every new show or film has graphic language and sexual content? How has this become something that appears in everything we watch today? When I was young we tried so hard just to see an R rated movie in hopes we would see a naked woman. Today you can sit in your living room, turn on network television and see a woman’s ( or man’s) naked body walk past the screen on almost every show. Graphically depicted sexual scenes are common place now and no longer in need of an R rating. Language, cursing and words we wouldn’t dream of saying in the presence of an adult are now part of our everyday life.

So how have we become a nation that accepts this change? How has this move away from what we were taught as children, to be respectful, watch your language and that sexual relationships were private, become the complete opposite. Who decided this is okay?

For me, I believe it goes hand in hand with the removal of God and religion from our lives. I have been reflecting on this and how I may also, have played a part in this turning away from God.

A few years back I read a book, the Harbinger, and in this book it showed the similarities between Israel in the years before Christ and America today. The author points out the path we are on and how as with Israel, we are turned away from God. There are some that believe that Israel was blessed and protected by God until they turned away from God and in doing so may have suffered their demise. What we are doing today mirrors what Israel did centuries ago. We have taken God out of our lives and replaced our beliefs with false idols, wealth and ego.

As I said earlier, I never gave much thought to religion, but now as I age out, I can see how truly important religion is to preserve the goodness of a civilization. The things we are witnessing today with the plague, the riots, the increasing killing of unborn babies, the government and the peoples willingness to remove God from America, all point to a horrible ending. We can’t go on down this path and expect that bad things will not continue to happen to our country.

There is a movement that started this past week to ” return to God”. You probably didn’t even know about it since our press doesn’t find such things important to report on. This movement is just to reawaken people to let God back into their lives. To look at what is happening around us and question why. To get back to how and why people came to America because of religious freedom and the right to believe and practice your faith. To voice how it isn’t alright to remove God from our countries past and present.

I don’t know what moved me to write this but I felt compelled to do so. I felt that it was time I got it off my chest how disgusted I am with how television and film have become so pornographic and how it is widely accepted. How I am no longer going to be part of a silent majority that is afraid to voice how horrible things have become. Maybe for me this is my little way of fighting back. Maybe I get just one person to pick op the baton and pass it to someone else. Maybe one person will read this and think that he/she isn’t alone in feeling this way. I hope that I reach that one person who will in turn do the same for someone in their family or circle.

I used to think I was just old fashioned and that’s why these things bother me but today I realize its not me who’s at fault. Things don’t always change for the better and if this is what we believe is better, there’s something definitely out of whack. Bring back Robert Young and the Beaver. Bring back the time a parent could sit and watch television with their child and feel good about what they see. Bring prayer back to the classroom. Bring America back to its roots and what made it blessed by God.

Bring God back in style..

Just one man’s opinion..the Regular Guy

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