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When someone dies

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

deathWhenever someone I know dies, like most,  I am saddened by the fact that I will never get to see or talk with them again. I also find that for days I can’t help but find myself thinking about my own death and how it will affect the people I know.

The human race generally doesn’t handle dying very well. We are all scared of it and even more scared to talk about it. No one knows quite the right way to talk to someone who is dying . We don’t know the right things to say as we fear that we will say something and it will invoke tears from that person. We walk on egg shells around them and weigh carefully the words we choose. After all, most of us feel that we can’t talk about anything fun or something in the future. Death is awkward and although it very well is, we should dive head first into it  and make sure we tell that person just how much they are loved and will be missed.

I think I realize now why I have been so scared of dying. At first I thought I would miss everyone but then after thinking about it, I ‘m dead so how can I miss anything. Then I thought about all I would leave behind and the things I could no longer do and then again I realized that all those things that I have been doing my whole life has been nothing but repetition. I wake, dress, eat , work, play, shower and sleep. I laugh, cry , hate and love. I collect things, way too many things, all of which are just for material pleasure. But its all just repetition everyday until we get ill or die. Nothing so different. And then it hit me. I fear that I will not leave my mark here on earth. I fear that my life would pass and no one would notice. Wouldn’t it be great to have been Abraham Lincoln. He lives on in almost every Americans life. He’s touched millions of people. His life meant something.

When people die its sad that the world doesn’t stop for one moment to recognize the loss. Life goes on like nothing happens. But then, as I always do, I think about it and when I do, I see that we all do matter. Maybe not on such a grand scale as Lincoln but to the few loved ones in our lives we leave our mark. They will remember our laughter, and sorrow, the good times and bad. The pictures of us will remind them who we were and what we meant to them. Songs will play and bring tears to our eyes in remembrance of a moment we shared when that song played.

I have lost a handful of people in my life that left a mark on me. Some of whom I never got the chance to tell just what they meant to me, but others who I was able to spend enough time with in the end to tell them just how much they touched and shaped my life. If there is one thing that I would hope for when I am dying, is that the people I know would come to me not in pity but to rejoice my life and what it meant to them. I need to know that my life meant something. That I was put here for a reason and that its okay to die because this world was a better place because of me.

I once read a book named “Tuesdays with Morrie”. For anyone who has ever read its inspirational words, you know just how remarkable Morrie was. For those who haven’t, it is about one mans dying wish to tell the world or whoever would listen, how he felt about love, life, friends, and especially dying. Stricken with ALS and doomed to a slow deliberating death, Morrie chose to allow the world to watch as his body fails him more and more until finally he passes. The story however shows us not to fear death but to make each moment until the end mean something. Share your feelings with loved ones. Tell them how you felt your whole life and what your life meant to you and how they helped shape the person you became.

I once wrote a letter to a dying friend. I didn’t know how to tell her what I wanted to and then she became too sick to have visitors but her daughter told me she would make sure that she received my words. I wanted her to know that her life meant something to me. That I appreciated all the things we shared over the years and how I was thankful for the way she treated me. That she was a friend that I would truly miss but would remember for the rest of my life. I wanted her to know that spending time with her made me a better person than I would have been if we never met. I wanted to make sure that she knew before she passed, how much she touched my life.

Just recently our family lost a very close friend. I didn’t know him as well as my sister did for she was who introduced him to our family some 25 years ago. However, over the last year or so I often sat one on one with him and talked politics, sports, business and such but one thing stood out more than anything else and it was the reason I cared so much for him. He spoke of my sister and how much he loved her and how important she was to him. How he would do anything for her because she was a special woman and he recognized how hard she worked for her children, husband and how little she asked for in return. His dying hurt my sister badly but I am sure that in his last days they spent meaningful time together and hopefully shared how much they meant to each other. Truly the way it should be.

Dying should not scare loved ones away. It should be embraced as a time for closure and celebration of that persons life, for after they pass, it will be too late to share those feelings together.

Just one man’s opinion

The Regular Guy



Old Guys Rule!

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

I am now at a time in my life when hanging out with 70 year old men is more of the norm, than hanging with 30 year old men. It happens quickly, seamlessly and more strangely, as a welcome change.

I used to joke to my wife about how old men are more friendly and approachable than old women. Men always seem happier and more apt to strike up a conversation whereas women seem to busy and preoccupied with hair and nails. Well maybe not just hair and nails but it’s something that is on their minds.  I believe it goes back to how men never really change even as they age. We actually become more like we were when we were young the older we get.

I’ve begun to seek out older guys. They always have something interesting to talk about and I always learn something from them. Old guys now have time for hobbies so many of them go back to collecting cars as  pastime. Sports are always on the table and if you are a diehard fan it doesn’t get better than to talk to a someone from the 40’s or 50’s. To hear them talk about a life we can only imagine. A simpler time when radio broadcasts were as groundbreaking an event as streaming video is today.  Their colorful recap of the past is especially amazing since they only had their ears to rely on for a picture of what was happening.

I love cars. I really love the old ones especially because they remind me of my past.  Yesterday, I took a motorcycle ride on a beautiful fall day, to seek out a 1969 Camaro that is for sale in my town. Lo and behold I found myself in a scene from one of today’s car reality shows. I arrive and as I ride down a long driveway, I am waved on by a woman who I would later meet as one of the owners of the Camaro. As I continue along, I see a huge garage, a fifty foot monster lined with doors, just behind the house I am passing, and in front is an older man directing me where to park.

In my head I am thinking that this is going to be an experience that one hears about like urban legends. As I dismount I can’t help but to laugh to myself because I am approaching a part of automobile heaven. Then I think this could go one of two ways. This man could be a really cool car guy or he could be a real pompous ass who just loves to show off his toys. Luck today, would shine as strong as the sun on me for he was a cool car guy.

Now here is why old guys rule. This gentleman and I spoke for over an hour and a half about everything from how he grew up to how he acquired the 25 or so cars and motorcycles that we toured through that day. Each car and bike had a very detailed history that he was very eager to share with me. The part that pulls me in every time is the passion you can sense when they talk about their life and how it has intertwined with their vehicles over all these years. Walking through all the cars, batteries, lifts, tools and parts you can’t help but think this man is a hoarder so we joke about all the unfinished projects that he knows will never get done. At some point I felt myself being drawn into this mans life. I envisioned spending my days off from work, helping him pull parts and shine up the cars and organize his garage which he definitely can’t do on his own any longer. Being 76 yrs old, he made it clear that he’s run out of steam and lost his motivation to see anything from start to finish. I told him he needed someone to get his juices flowing again. Not wanting to spook him, I held back volunteering to get my hands dirty after just meeting him but I will most surely return another day to drop that idea on him. Being that he has a son that doesn’t share his interest in cars, he needs someone to reignite that spark.  I couldn’t help but to tell him how cool I thought it was that he could just come out here everyday, crank his radio up and hang out in that huge man cave of a garage he has. He laughed and agreed that it was the best part of his day to just go out there and hang around in the mess he’s accumulated for some 30 years.

When I was younger, my friends and I would gather in someones garage, work on our cars  and play music, laugh and break each others chops for hours, all with out a care in the world. Now as I have reached the other end of my lifeline, I can see why men find their way back to the garage. There is something very nostalgic about old age and cars that makes it one of life’s more enjoyable moments. Men don’t change. We take breaks now and then to raise children, stress over our jobs and try to find ways to make our wives happy. But that old car guy is  in there somewhere, just waiting for his moment to go back in time and do the things he loved.  The things that helped to shape his life and made him the person he is today. Old Guys do rule!!!!

Just one man’s opinion..

The Regular Guy

The Boss

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Today, it seems that no one wants to be the boss. In my 30 years of running our family business, I have not had the opportunity to work side by side with someone who could be the “the bossboss”. Oh yeah, I have had a few  who say they want to be but no one who had what it takes to be one. The main reason usually turns out to be the inability to tell people what to do. More often than not, no one wants to be what many employees perceive to be the “bad guy”. That’s it in a nutshell. You have to be the kind of person that doesn’t give a damn what their co workers think of them,( as long as you are fair and respectful). To often managers or bosses don’t want to be disliked so they wind up doing the job instead of delegating it and holding that person responsible to get it done.

The boss isn’t supposed to be your friend. Friendly yes, but friends absolutely not. There has to be a distinct separation between worker and boss and those lines should never be crossed. Hanging out with or taking interest in a workers life puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to having to direct that employee on what they need to do. You begin allowing your feelings to rule your decision making because you have now allowed emotion into the equation.

I am quite sure General Patton didn’t have many friends or men who liked him but they sure as hell respected him and followed where he led because they believed in what he stood for. His strong leadership didn’t come from hanging out with his soldiers, it came from his ability to separate himself from his troops in order to accomplish the task at hand. If he allowed his emotions and feelings to rule his decisions, we might be saluting the German flag right now.

Being a boss I learned something about hiring employees. There are what I believe, four things a good employee and perhaps future boss should have.


 2.Strong character

 3.Passion about their work/life

 4.Desire and ability to learn

I have nothing to base this on but my own life and my experience with the people I have employed over the years, but I do know that without these four things, you do not have a chance at success in either work or more importantly life. I have never thought of myself as being perfect but have always strived for perfection in my work. Believing that if you don’t aim high you will always hit low, can be a curse for a boss. You tend to believe that everyone should think the same and that frustrates you to your wits end when employees constantly fall short. As a person, you can’t understand how anyone wouldn’t want the same things in life and feel deprived when you give it but don’t get it back.

Everyone wants to “be the boss” but few actually have what it takes. At the end of the day and perhaps my career, I know that I have led people on a long journey and did what I believed best for both my business and its employees. There are very few thank you’s along the way because most if not all of what you do for people is expected of you. Even so, being the boss and knowing that you gave people an opportunity to succeed in a safe, respectful environment, with a chance to earn a fair wage, makes what anyone might perceive of you, not matter all that much. Deep down inside you know you gave it everything it took to lead your troops on the road to success.

Just one mans opinion

The Regular Guy

Are Guns really the Enemy?

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Lately I have been catching up on a History channel show “Mankind, the story of all of us”and I can’t seem to get enough of it. But the one thing that stands out most about our history as portrayed here, is that we are all killers. Every civilization since the beginning of time has killed to expand their religion, territory etc..I couldn’t help but notice that with each episode, one tribe, one civilization, one religious group or even people from the same community, inevitably turn on each.

We have been killing each other for centuries and way before the gun was invented. The gun perhaps has made it easier for evil men to do harm to another, but what if your not evil? How does one protect themselves against such?

I know the arguments for gun control but none of them make sense to me. They always seem to hurt the innocent more than the guilty. With each new gun control law that is passed, it seems our civilization gets worse in spite of the tougher laws. Probably because the laws only make it harder for good people to obtain guns. I always said that no matter how tough the law it won’t stop the bad guy because he doesn’t file for a permit, clear  the wait period and then buy his gun in a store such as Dicks sporting goods. Bad guys will always have guns but with each new “tough “law, the good guys lose.

Perhaps the most important thing that Americans fail to realize is that with each new law that is passed we lose more and more of our rights as Americans. The politicians who would champion tough gun laws, need not worry about protecting themselves as they won’t have to surrender their guns. Its just like the healthcare reform. Pass a new law that doesn’t pertain to them. Sure its always “best ” for us, but not good enough for them.

Its time that people start doing their homework and open up their eyes to what is happening around us. This isn’t about saving lives, this is about controlling them. Did everyone forget why our Bill of Rights was written? Did everyone forget how we fought our government to be free from England’s rule? Did everyone forget the saying ” if you don’t learn from history your destined to repeat it?” Yeah, I know its all conspiracy theory, right? That’s always the way peoples rights are taken away. Everyone’s so busy with their lives that most of us just stand by and watch this happen until its too late.

Guns don’t kill, people do. Watch that History channel show and witness just how evil people are and don’t be so surprised when you wake up one day and this country is no longer what it was meant to be. History always has a way of repeating itself and governments just love to rule.

Fair warning. Just one man’s opinion…..

The Regular Guy

Lilies of the Field

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Sometimes life takes you to places that make you stop for a moment and just take it all in. I know your thinking ,( “he must be talking about something like the Grand Canyon”) something big. Nope. Not this time.

Simple things in my life usually make me stop and notice. This past weekend, while visiting friends, I happened upon a small boutique in Doylestown Pa, where I couldn’t help but think this place is special. Located on a corner on main street and if not careful, you might just walk past it, Lilies was definitely one of the highlights of my visit.

A fresh take on clothing for women  and one HUGE  ( pun intended) table display for  men, the articles on sale were not what caught my attention. Arizona, a lively and attentive sales person, was standing behind the front counter when we entered and quickly offered us hot Cider and cookies. Not long after,  Jona ( the shops owner) entered the store with more fresh made cookies from a local bakery. As excited as one could be about cookies and a bakery, Jona couldn’t wait to offer the extended variety of cookies she had purchased for her store.

At this point I realized that unlike most shops along the streets of Doysletown, this one was different. Jona and Arizona’s spirit and freshness made my visit both fun and interesting, as both women seemed as if they truly liked being there. So many times you wander into stores to find sales help absent or perhaps they are off playing with their phones, and even if they acknowledge your being there, they rarely take interest in that fact. At Lilies, I felt like it was appreciated that I happened to be there and both ladies upbeat mood made the visit extremely enjoyable. I found myself waiting to hear the next interesting thing that Jona was going to say. After discussing the local bake shops fare and how much she liked it, her attention then turned to area restaurants that she would recommend for this evenings dinner. While this was happening, Arizona filled me in on the stores clothing, all  made in the USA, and some of which are from local merchants.

As I stood and listened to the conversations and laughter, I couldn’t help but think that I should use my Blog to tell people about this great little shop and the experience awaiting customers when they pass through the doors. If for nothing else, I felt compelled to do something nice for Jona since she had made both my friends and I feel so welcome.

Thanks Jona!

Just one man’s opinion..

The Regular Guy

Lilies of the Field

1 South Main

Doylestown Pa 215-348-8355


What do you believe?

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

This country is changing before our eyes and most people are ignoring it, don’t care or don’t believe it. This Presidential election is to date the most important one of mine and many others lifetime, with the chance that the next four years may either bring us back from near death or bury us for good.

With all the hype of the coming debates and election, what is everyone to believe? Americans have been force fed the same crap from both sides for too long and yet politicians continue down the same path because the majority of Americans buy into what their party is selling or they are just to stupid/lazy to do their due diligence on the candidates before them. Politicians know this all too well and play off the fact that they believe we are so busy with life and all the distractions from it, that we wont pay attention to what they are really doing. This had worked well  in the past but with groups like the  Tea party,  there has been more light shown on our politicians which is raising peoples awareness of what is really happening in our country.

I have never been one to just believe what I hear without reading into everything I can to research what is being said. I, like a lot of other people I know, get too many forwarded emails from friends and others that put information out there, most of which is old, proved false already or just plain made up nonsense. Over the past three years I have watched and or read, more programming on our countries past history, our present economic condition and also some items that portray what our country may look like in the coming years if we continue on this course. I have to say without hesitation, I went from skeptical to scared. At first I was mainly concerned with my financial situation and how it had been affected by the housing and banking disasters. Then as I read about what had happened I realized that it wasn’t so much the peoples fault as it was our so called “leaders” who created the mess and that most of them were a never held accountable for what happened. Although too many Americans lost life savings, our leaders continued to live the high life at our expense.

How many times have we heard that we all have to sacrifice more to get the federal deficit down. Why is it always the people who have to give more and the politicians  go on spending in ways that do not help alleviate the problem but continue to make it worse. How is it that our President, who consistently calls on us to sacrifice or pay our fair share, can take, between himself and his wife, more vacations at the tax payers expense, than any other President in our history. I never realized that our presidents use Air Force One to vacation, along with Secret Service at a rate of more than $200,000 an hour. This President has spent billions of taxpayers dollars on golf and vacations, while all the time standing in front of television cameras telling us how hard life is for the middle class. How can anyone believe that politicians on either side will ever change this lifestyle that they have all become accustomed to. Does anyone still wonder why a millionaire would want to be a politician?

Why are Americans so blind or stupid to realize what is happening and that we need to hold these people accountable for what they are doing. Most people are still arguing that the other party is the reason we are in this mess. Its not just one party people! Wake the hell up, do your homework and get involved. Stop playing that blame game and thinking your party can do no wrong. Those days are long gone. People need to wise up and work towards “REAL ” change.

Just recently, I watched “Monumental”, a film by Kirk Cameron, that is about the founding of this country. It is a film that everyone in this country should watch because it shows what the people on the Mayflower had to endure when they landed here and began to build America. It gives detailed history of the plan that was used to build a free nation, and although our leaders will tell you different, one nation built under God and his laws. Laws that were based on religious beliefs. Yes those same beliefs that we are now told, unless you are Muslim, that we can not show in public. Those same beliefs that many of the founding fathers wrote into the sides of state buildings that still exist today.I guess the point I am trying to make is that it worked back then when our ancestors ran from a  Kings rule to make them a free people. Without what they accomplished and believed in, we would not have the freedom we have today as Americans. The part of the film that most troubled me was when Kirk was talking with a gentleman about how our country has gone so far off the course that was given to us. He asked him if it was possible to get us back to our roots and save this country. The gentleman responded that our founding fathers had outlined how they built this country, on a “monument’,  and that it was fairly simple to fix this country if anyone truly wanted to, just by following the simple plan that originally made this country what it was. This monument, which the film was titled for, is in Plymouth Mass. stands some twenty or thirty feet high, and on which, is engraved the outline which was used to build this country. The reason I found this so troubling, was two fold. The first reason, sadly, is  that I, like most Americans, have never heard of  let alone seen a picture of this incredible monument. A monument which should  have been one of the most important pieces of our history. The second reason being, I found it scary that the people of this country have turned  their collective backs on the our leaders by continuing to allow them to take this country down a path that will surely lead us to a bad ending. We have allowed our leaders to little by little take our God given rights away from us, while all the time trying to tell us that it is for our own good. Just look at the Patriot act and some of the executive orders that our past and present Presidents have signed. Our government can at any time take our assets from us just by deeming a state of emergency. Who determines what the state of emergency is. Another attack like 911 and maybe they seize all our guns for government use or maybe they confiscate all the wheat in our farmers fields to do with what they deem best. It sounds unrealistic but we allowed this “law” because of our fear of terrorism.

Our federal government is suing the state of Arizona because they are trying to enforce a federal law pertaining to immigration. What we see in the press is Mexicans being handcuffed and placed in vans to be brought back to their country. We hear of Latinos being carded on the streets to see if they are here legally. We are told that it is wrong to do this and the federal government will put a stop to it. What you don’t read or hear about, unless you look for it, are the American citizens being raped and killed by the Mexican drug cartels and illegal aliens crossing the border. So when Arizona stands up and points to the Constitution and the laws of the land, and works to clean up the problem they are having, our federal government doesn’t assist them, they create “Fast and Furious” to try to scare the American people into believing that the guns the Cartels are using are being given to them from our gun makers here in the states.  But what really happened was our federal government was supplying the arms to the Cartels and when one of our own agents was killed it all came to light what was going on behind our backs. What is going on in this country? Our federal government who is sworn to protect us is doing just the opposite, and even worse, they aide the enemy.

I know, a great deal of you say that this is conspiracy theory stuff. That’s what always happens when a country puts their belief and blind faith in its leaders. Hitler started the same way. Scare enough people, give them what they need to survive and promise to take care of them and the people will flock like sheep to follow the leader. It’s happening right now, here, in this country. Scared, yes, I am scared. I didn’t think this could happen here but it is and we are watching as it as it does and many of us are riding the bandwagon thinking that the other half doesn’t know jack. When a government by the people for the people no longer exists as it “doesn’t” today, then it is only a matter of time before our God given rights will no longer be. Yes we have lost control of our government and our leaders know this, and depend on us to stay blind to it so “they” can control “us”. Don’t see it yet? How else then can they continue to steal from us, spend our money freely and live better lives than the common folk, while we all just keep voluntarily forking over more tax dollars to support the mess they create.

America has finally dumbed down. Just look around you. Everywhere you go the thing you see most is people, especially the young, thumbing a smart phone. Computers that were supposed to do great things for us have just become another way to distract us from the important things in life. While our country is changing it face, our people are changing their Face book page. While illegal aliens are helping to drain the heath care system, our people are tweeting that they are tired from partying all night. And while our President is taking time out of his busy golf schedule to appear on the “View” our countries strongest ally in the middle east, during a nuclear crisis, sits and waits for a meeting with him.

What do you believe? I just hope you believe its time to pay attention to what is changing around us. To put down the cell phone and read some unbiased news about what is happening in this country. To stand up and speak out about what is wrong and not worry about being politically correct. I hope you believe like I do that there’s nothing wrong with the Constitution and that this is the greatest country on earth, not in spite of it , but because of it!

What do you believe?

Just one man’s opinion

The Regular Guy











What do you “cherish” most?

Sunday, April 8th, 2012


In times like these I get to thinking. I wonder what it is that people cherish most in life. Is it their car or jewelry?  Maybe it’s their spouse or children? How about that beach front house you built? What exactly is it that people cherish most in life?

Happy Easter! To most of us, Easter is about family, especially children. Setting out the plastic eggs filled with money and candy for our children to find while we sit and watch in joy as they find those little jewels of happiness. For adults it’s about getting together and celebrating. Big meals, wine, fancy desserts and sports on television.  But for most of us, we forget the true meaning of Easter and why we really should be celebrating this day.

Today, as I stood by myself in church, I noticed that most of the people in attendance were of the gray haired variety. I thought to myself how sad it is that we need to reach our golden years before we give religion a place in our lives. How we as adults are so busy with life that we can’t find the time to give thanks for what we have accomplished.

I am ashamed to admit that I don’t find enough time in my life to give thanks to God for all I have and for the people in my life that make it so special. I am too caught up in just trying to make it through each day, pay the bills and try to get enough sleep to start all over again tomorrow.  The only difference, I think, that separates me from most of my peers, is that I recognize how sad it has become that we are all forgetting we were put here for a greater reason than earning a living.

Money, as you might not realize, has become our God of worship. We scurry around all our lives trying to find ways to earn enough money to garner the things we “cherish”. While this is happening we are allowing time to slip by and our life to fade to almost a blip on the screen. Not only do we forget God and religion, but we don’t even see the everyday beauty in life itself that surrounds us everywhere we are.

I thought about what I cherish most and I first thought of my wife, but then I took a minute to think about it. What I thought of was how lucky I was to be alive today. How seeing all these people in church made me think about our greater reason for being here and that I wished I could find a way to help make the people around me stop and rethink why they are alive. How I wished I could take stage like our President and instead of spewing garbage, tell everyone to take back their lives and focus on peace and understanding, not fighting and gluttony. Yes gluttony. We are all guilty of it. The bigger televisions, the fancier phones that we hardly use to call people from, the cars that cost more than homes.

I have always felt that I would have been better served to be born in the forties or fifties if only for its simpler times. Today with all our technology that’s supposed to do us a world of good, we have become slaves to it. Even when we spend time together socially we allow our phones to interrupt us and become what is more important than the people we are with. It is sickening what we have become.

Life is fleeting, life is also very scary, life is fragile, and life is short. Now that I am on the back side of my expected life span, I can see that more clearly. What scares me though is that I cannot find a way to change it without upsetting the balance of family and self in my life.

So as I conclude this post I think that I have taken one good thing from this day. I woke up this morning, kissed my wife and went to church to thank God for all I have. To tell him, I know you are there and I think of you often. To apologize for not being the best person I could be and to promise to try harder to spread his word. I prayed that we as a people would wake up collectively and realize how precious life is and find a way to “fix” this world before it was too late.  I know, what I “cherish “most. I cherish my life and the God that gave it to me.

Peace be with you all

The Regular Guy

Can you please pick that up?

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

When I was a kid, I once heard my mom say to her friend that she shouldn’t lift a heavy item. Your thinking “that doesn’t sound so bad “, but, aha, there’s more. She followed that with a scary suggestion that this woman’s “uterus will fall out!”

Wow! What the hell is that? I don’t think I was more than 10 yrs old but that sure sounded bad to me. What the hell is a uterus? Did I have one of those? I lifted some heavy things. Was I going to lose something through my ass? Next time I saw my friends, I had to ask if any of them knew what the heck a uterus is. Well as it turned out we weren’t so up on the female anatomy as we thought we were. Sure we knew the important parts breast, butt, the female flower….you know all the stuff that mattered to us, but a uterus? And the fact that it might just “fall out”. I remember thinking that I was glad I was a guy cause it didn’t seem like much more than a good bowel movement was coming out of me.

So fast forward to the present. I find myself laughing today when I tell women at work not to lift heavy things because their uterus might fall out. They laugh and say that won’t happen, but I tell them I don’t want to be the one present to witness the event if it does! After all, am I the one that s going to have to have to pick it up, bag it and carry it to the hospital so they can put it back in? Hell I don’t think I have it in me toss it in my car and bring it with us. Its not like a finger that you can throw in a bag of ice and put it on the dashboard. If you witnessed your child’s birth than you know just how messy those things can be! Seriously, does it really “fall out”? I recently heard a story about a guy who pushed so hard during a visit to the john, that his intestine fell out. Really, a friend of mine drove him to the hospital and watched the doctor push it back in. Holy crap man!

So for future reference, don’t let your woman pick up heavy items.  Unless you have a pooper scooper or something else handy to pick up that uterus when it falls out you better carry those grocery bags from now on!

Just one man’s opinion!

The Regular Guy

Sum, Sum, Summer time Music

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

The Jersey shore is a great place to listen to outdoor concerts during our beautiful summer nights.

Listening to music when combined with the cool breeze off the bay water and the warm summer night, makes for a great way to spend an evening. Grab a cooler, some beach chairs and a couple of sandwiches and head out to boogie to some of the local talent while enjoying the outdoors.

I can’t get enough of these concerts but sadly we only get to experience them for a couple of short months here at the shore. It is hard to imagine why we don’t have these from May through October, because the weather here is great during this time of year. I figure that local politicians cant find the money to fund this series longer  or they haven’t got a clue as to how enjoyable it is for the community. Either way, our town should be able to take advantage of this for at least two seasons a year.

Recently we listened to  Jimmy and the Parrots, who are a local cover band that plays a lot of Jimmy Buffet and easy listening classics. Although I have seen them in years past and thought they were pretty entertaining, this evenings vocal performance was terrible. I cant remember their singing being so off key. Not surprisingly and even with the bad vocals coming from the stage, the audience cheered and sang along with the band until the very end.

Summer has now moved into its last leg with autumn being a few cool nights away. That’s too bad, because it’s a sign that the best of the summer music will be fading away even sooner. For those who are lucky enough, it’s almost time to head to warmer weather down south, grab a chair or two, get outside and pick up on where the music has left off.

The Regular Guy

Affairing Down…Part II

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

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It has always been my belief that men cheat because they are weak. Period!. We all get tested at some point and we all know that once we pull the trigger, there is no going back. I think that down deep most of the cheats don’t care if they get caught, because I would say they believe they have good reason. Not so much the one time cheat, but the flagrant ones like Tiger and now Arnold. Those men knew exactly what they were doing and in their mind they were okay with it. I can’t see how any man who cheats and feels remorse, can go back over and over and sometimes even lead a double life. Let’s face it, if we all thought we would never get caught, a very high percentage of us would do it. WE have never really lost that “caveman” in us, but have seemingly learned how to control it. After all, being in a civilized society makes us. As for why we seem to “affair down”, which clearly is the case with Arnold (even though Maria isn’t really that good looking), I can’t figure it out. You would think that we would “make it count ” so at least if we were caught, our spouse could understand the temptation behind it. But what does a spouse think when she sees the other woman is a “double bagger”! That must really freak them out. Anyway, as a man I can always understand why a guy cheats, but I can’t always condone it. Yes I did write that. Only because I understand how frustrating it is to have a partner that won’t meet you at least half way to satisfy your sexual desires. When a woman hears you asking for more of her and she gives you less or even worse, ignores your pleas, then yes I can condone it. It always befuddles me when a woman turns a deaf ear to her partner then acts all surprised and hurt when he strays. Maybe leaving the relationship is the best way but most men are afraid to do that, more so when children are involved. So they stray to find the missing intimacy or sex but still want to keep the family they have intact.

Just one man’s opinion….
The Regular Guy